Two Interesting Items

Just a couple of "feels like home" kinds of things.

 Though I am not in Utah, I know that the sides of the roads are loaded with sunflowers.  July they start to bloom and it stays until the first frost.  They are a kinds of 'signal' that school will soon start again.
Today I went and bought--yes, bought--myself some sunflowers.  It cost me $4.00 for 5 sunflowers.  And, yes, it was worth it!!  :)

 My daughter, Suzette and her husband, Christopher, took me to a restaurant in Southern California that had speciality crapes.  Well, look what I found in Leiden, Netherlands!!!  Look at that strawberry, whipped cream and ice cream crepe!!  And the SIZE!!

Here is a cherry, whipped cream and ice cream one and Alden is having an Italian one.  Their name in Netherlands---pannekooken!

We rolled and cut them in half and shared.  
And yes, we did eat the whole thing!


  1. Beautiful sunflowers, I'm glad you bought them! And those crepes look so so good, maybe i'll make me some for lunch today (now that I have my crepe maker back from lake powell :)

  2. Hooray for crepes! Love you guys. I know that you tried to call yesterday morning, probably to wish us happy anniversary. We were still asleep. I know it was 8 am, but Im still on Utah time. :) HAHA> Thanks for the thought though. I appreciate it. Im glad you are still walking and Im glad you bought sunflowers. They are lovely. And Im glad those Apes are being nice to you. They must have chosen the very best for the transfer of presidents. Im glad. CT was one of those.