An Unbelievable Missionary Story from The Fillmore Utah Stake

I'm not even sure how to start this story, I still find it hard to believe and KNOW that the Lord has his hand in this one.

Today, Wednesday, August 8, 2012, I went to the Mission Office with President.  We were on our way to the airport to pick up a new Elder.  
Sister Pankratz is the office Sister Missionary who orders all our church supplies and takes care of 'all things office' to help us run the mission.  
She caught me first thing in the door and said she felt impressed to give me some things that had been sent to the mission--they were scripture bags.  
The scripture bags came in the mail in December and since then, they have been in her cabinet.  She said that last night she just felt impressed to give them to me.  So, she pulled them out and started to tell me about where they came from and who had sent them. 

Sister Pankratz and Sister Robinson

With the bags there was a letter telling the story of the scripture bags. The letter in part reads---

To the Mission President and his Wife
of the Belgium Netherlands Mission

At girls camp this summer we enjoyed an afternoon of making these scripture bags.  We have sent them to your mission with hope that they will be a member missionary tool and that you will enjoy sharing them with some of the choice young women in your area.  In this small way we hope to lift up our sisters and send our testimony of a loving Heavenly Father.....  We anticipate the members will want to help you in this endeavor.

Sending Our Love Around the World
Fillmore Utah Young Women
Girls Camp 2011

With the each book bag there was a tag attached that told who had made the bag and this picture included on the inside.

Here is a list of the names attached to the scripture bags that
 I now have at the Mission Home:

Maylee S
Savannah C
Emeri L
Sydney C
Hailey K
Leona M
MaryAnn S
Liz  :)
Lorena E
Mariana R :)
Daisy B
Shantel K
Sariah S
Alicia S. xoxox
Abigail M
Adela M
Shaylee A
Julie J
Ivy N
Daisha E
Lydia K
Kambell Taite M

Just a sample of the bright and cute scripture bags sent from the 
Fillmore Utah Stake Young Womens.

Young Women of the Fillmore Utah Stake and Young Women Leaders, I just what you to know how touched, humbled and excited I was as I opened up this 'gift of the heart'.  President Robinson was as overjoyed as I was--if not more!!
Thank you for your gift to the Belgium Netherlands Mission.  I love you for what you have done and what your gift will accomplish.  There are many ways I can use these in the mission--now I have to do some pondering and praying to find out just how the Lord whats me to use the precious scripture bags.  

Just this past Monday, August 6, 2012, I was in a lesson teaching a mother and daughter.  The daughter is 13 years old and right in the middle of the lesson where we were testifying of the Gift of the Holy Ghost she said: "I want to be baptized.  This is true!"  She has been coming to church and LOVES Young Womens.  She will be setting her baptismal date very soon.  Her mother is enthusiastic and loves what we missionaries are teaching. I had to opportunity to bear testimony of Jesus Christ and his atonement for each of us and that the church is true, in Dutch. Maybe one of those scripture bags is for the daughter and one for her mother--maybe.  I am not sure yet.

President and I visit a new ward or branch each Sunday. We plan on visiting every ward and branch in the mission this year. Perhaps we could take them to the Young Women to put 'het Boek van Mormon' in, along with their testimonies, and give to a friend who is a non-member. 

Maybe the Sister Missionaries can use them in a special "Meet the Sister Missionaries" open house in a ward or branch.  Or perhaps our Single Young Adult Sisters have a need for them---I just don't know, but the Lord does.

So, was it meant to be that your scripture bags made it to 
Belgium Netherlands Mission?---YES.
Was it meant to be that they were put in a cabinet from December 2011 until August 9, 2012 until I could get here?--YES.
Was it meant to be that Sister Pankratz would feel the prompting to give them to me?---Yes.
Was it meant to be that you wonderful Young Women and Leaders were to have such an impact on me, President Robinson and on our Mission?---
Most assuredly YES!

Missions are places of miracles where the Spirit does the work of the Lord when the Missionaries are in tune with the Spirit.  The same Spirit you felt while you made the bags is the same Spirit that will be felt when someone receives the bag--thats just how the Spirit works.  This is a Mission Miracle!

Young Women of the Fillmore Utah Stake, the church is true.  Missionary work is real and exciting.  May you be blessed for your small efforts that will make such a big impact.  My love to you!  Please know that I know that God knows who you are and who I am and He knows us by name.  And, He knows by name each and every person that will receive a scripture bag.  That is my testimony! 

Your Sister in the Gospel,

Sister Brenda Robinson


  1. Ok, so I am crying while I read your post and now posting a comment. How wonderful that these young women made these and that you are the one to give them out and be able to tell the person receiving them about the young woman who made them. Thank you for sharing this post.
    Love Diane Sorensen Forrest

  2. I can not believe this story. Crazy how things work. Keep up the blog. I love to read about what you are doing and the miracles that happen.

    Suzette Koyle Lopez

  3. Holy crap mom! That is insane. I just love those tender things that make it so clear how much the lord loves us.

  4. This is just what I needed today!! I love to hear of your experiences. Not only are you a missionary there but you are helping to build our testimonies here in Utah!!! Love you guys!!

  5. What an awesome experience! And what a testimony builder for all those girls in the stake that made the bags! And for all of us reading this experience. I just keep saying to myself - WOW!!

  6. Hi Brenda,
    I just sent an email out to all of the Fillmore Stake YW Presidents. It is so incredible to me to see how the Lord works. It made me cry to see the missionary work that can happen with a little effort. The Lord makes our little efforts into great miracles. I think our girls will be touched by your story. Thanks for sharing it with us. It is a testimony to me that the Lords program will never fail. Keep up the good work.
    Hugs and kisses to you and Elden.
    Love, Sister DeGraffenried (Fillmore Stake YW Pres.)

  7. Ok, I'm crying too. My daughter Jill Bailey also received a gift of these scripture bags to her to give away on her mission in Cochabamba, Bolivia. She has wonderful pictures of giving these bags away to new members she has baptized. It was an amazing experience for her to have such a wonderful gift from home. Speaking of home, she will be home in six days (Aug 16.) The time flys by...enjoy everyday!

  8. Sherilyn Rasmussen7:39 PM, August 10, 2012

    What a special story! This is yet another example of the "tender mercies" of the Lord! I can't wait to share this experience with my young women who helped make those bags! Thank you for sharing and know that we are praying for you!!