Scripture Bag Story in the Antwerpen Stake

The Antwerpen Stake also participated with the Scripture Bags that were made by the Fillmore Utah Girls Camp 2011.

On August 16, 2012 President and I met with the Stake President of the Antwerpen Stake, President Boom, for a Special Zone Training of our Elders and Sisters in his Stake.  At that time, I shared my story of the Scripture Bags from the Fillmore Utah Girls Camp 2011.  He was very impressed and asked that we met with his Stake Relief Society and Young Women's Presidents to talk about doing Scripture Bags in the Antwerpen Stake for their member missionary efforts.

So, on August 28, 2012 President and I drove to Breda to visit with the two stake auxiliary presidents.

Sister Van der Waard, Stake Relief Society President, and 
Sister Van Gijsel, Stake Young Women's President
 After sharing my story of the Scripture Bags, we were all tearful and felt the Spirit, and then the ideas started to flow from them.

Sister Van der Waard and Sister Van Gijsel
 Before they left Breda, they were excited and since they had traveled to the meeting together, had the long ride home to start brainstorming to take information back to their presidencies.

Front row:  Sister Van der Waard and Sister Van Gijsel
Back row:  Sister Robinson and High Councilor from Antwerpen Stake.

They planned a wonderful stake activity for all women of the Antwerpen Stake.
The theme was: "Sending Out Our Love"  
So on November 10, 2012, President and I again attended a wonderful event and shared our Scripture Bag story.  And yes, I did it in Dutch again.  This time I had it written down!

Following are pictures from the activity.  Half the group worked on decorating their Scripture Bag.  The other half were divided into three groups.  The Sister Missionaries taught these workshops.  The Sister Missionaries taught the sisters how to present a Book of Mormon to a friend, family member, co-worker, neighbor or acquaintance.  They were taught to briefly tell about the book, share why the book was important to them and how a place in the book that their friend or acquaintance could read from--a shot story, a favorite scripture, something that has answered a question or concern in their own life.

 Sarah, in the yellow sweater, is one of the newly baptized members in the Antwerpen Ward.  I think she glows with the Spirit.  She is so happy to do missionary work.  After the activity, that evening she went on joint teach with the Antwerpen Sister Missionaries.  Within 12 hours of this picture, she had her baby.  Mom and daughter are doing fine.

Sorry this is blurry.  This is the only picture I have of these wonderful sisters.

The workshop were great.  The Sister Missionaries were thrilled to be a part of this experience.  Thank you Sister Missionaries!

Sister Jones and Sister Hinchcliff serving in Antwerpen

 Sister Herring and Sister Davies currently serving in Dordrecht.

Sister Gallego and Sister Gardner currently serving in Amsterdam

The wonderful Stake Young Men's took care of the child care for the mothers.  I think everything was in running smooth.

Food for the kids while they watched a movie.

 Someone to watch the door! :)
 Sharing goodies.

 Thank you Brethren, for you help and support.

 Bags for 'Het Boek Van Mormon'

 Sister Van de Riet is in the dark blue jacket.  She made five bags and took five Boeken van Mormon home to Eindhoven.  She is a wonderful sister and member of the church.  Sister Jones, our missionary, is role playing with the two sisters on how to give het Boek van Mormon to a friend or neighbor.

Our own super Sister Hinchcliff.

 Two sister practice their role play on how to tell a friend about het Boek van Mormon.  The young woman reading the Book of Mormon on the right is a nonmember that came with a friend.  Afterward, she requested to receive a Book of Mormon in Chinese. It was a great day for missionary work.

More role playing.

Our very own cooks for the day!  Thank you brethren.

 The Priesthood support was so appreciated.
 The desserts are ready, just waiting for the Pumpkin Soup.  By the way, THAT was delicious!

President Robinson wanted me in some of the pictures....so
see if you can find me.  (Like 'Where's Waldo')

I could not resist this--runaway from the nursery.

 And another!  I miss may days of teaching and being with kids.
I can talk with kids.  If I speak slowing, they understand me!  

Lunch is served.

Melissa and Sister van Eijzern.  These two, mom and daughter, have become fast and valued friends. I think Sister van Eijzern and I hung out in the
 Pre-Existence-just for fun.

I so enjoyed the day with the Antwerpen Stake.  There is excitement and love from these sisters to do missionary work.  I love them for their willingness to be bold and talk with friends, neighbors and family.  It is not any easier for them in the Belgium Netherlands mission than it is for members in the Fillmore Utah Stake to share the Gospel with nonmember friends, neighbors and family.  Yet, I witnessed over 70 sisters in the Gospel of Jesus Christ show they were willing to do just that with het Boek van Mormon.  One important thing I have learned while serving, I was not a very good missionary my whole life--I thought I was, but I know now, on a deep level, what the Lord expects from us as members.  We are under covenant to open our mouth and invite others to Come Unto Christ.  We will never convert anyone, we are here to invite and help.  I love these sisters so very much for living their life as 'covenant keeping women of Christ' and inviting others to Come Unto Christ.  The day I leave the mission field and return to Fillmore Utah Stake, I will know how to be a member missionary because I have watched and felt the example of so many valiant members in the Belgium Netherlands Mission.  Dank u wel mijn zusters voor je voorbeeld te predick de herstelde evangalie van Jezus Christus.