Scripture Bags from Fillmore Utah Stake Girl's Camp

In August 2012, I was given 24 scripture bags that had been sent to the Belgium Netherlands Mission.  They had been in the cabinet in the Mission Office since December 2011.  Sister Pankratz gave them to me knowing that I would know what to do with them.  I was completely shocked and delighted to find that these scripture bags were made by Young Women and Leaders at Stake Girl's Camp 2011 from my home ward and stake, Fillmore Utah Stake.

Sister Pankratz and Sister Robinson

Here is the rest of the story..............

On August 14, 2012 President and I had President Oddens, Stake President of the Den Haag Stake, and his wife to the Mission Home for dinner.  We wanted to met them and introduce ourselves.  At that time, we talked about the mission plan and the missionary efforts in the Den Haag stake.  At that time, I shared the story of the scripture bags with him and asked if his Young Women's program would assist in this missionary effort. He was very favorable and wanted to talk with the Stake Young Women's President.

On August 23, 2012 I met with Sister Naomi 't Hoen, the newly called Stake Young Women's President. She shared with me that she had felt the Spirit when President Oddens had told her about this project, and after I shared my story, the Spirit again confirmed to her that this was a project she would like the Young Women of the Den Haag Stake to participate in doing. 

On October 20, 2012, The Den Haag Stake Young Women celebrated

100th Anniversary of Young Women Camp

This activity was for all women 11 years of age and older.  They used this activity to make their own bags to put Books of Mormon in and give to a friend, neighbor, family member, co-worker or acquaintance.  The  Relief Society Sisters made the bags and everyone decorated them.  I was invited to tell the story of the Scripture Bags from my stake.  And yes, I actually did it in Dutch.  Wow, I do happen to know the Spirit was with me while I did it.  Couldn't do that on my own!! Not yet.
Here are the pictures from the Den Haag Stake Young Women's Activity held in Den Haag Church on Saturday, October 20, 2012.

 The tables are ready with all the supplies.  Notice the letter in the foreground.  It is a copy of the letter that was sent with the Scripture Bags from the Fillmore Utah Stake Young Women's Girls Camp.  I took several copies so they could see your picture.

 Here are your bags, next to bags that they are making.

 Sister 't Hoen is introducing me to tell the Story of the Scripture Bags from Fillmore Utah Stake and how this whole activity began.

 The Young Women were great!  

 Afterward, Sister 't Hoen gives instructions on how to make a bag.
President is in the back.

They served 'camp food' at the activity.  Yes, sandwiches.  Isn't that the universal camp lunch?!?!

 Then the fun began!

 As I watched the Young Women begin, I could see the same frenzy happening on a sunny summer day at Girls Camp 2011.  Young Women of the Fillmore Utah Stake, the Young Women here in the Den Haag Stake had just as much fun as you did in making the Scripture Bags.

Decisions, decisions, decisions!!

Some are waiting for their chance.

It was a delight to watch the Sisters, young and not so young, working together on this wonderful missionary project.

Everyone helped and as we say in English,
'Many hands make light work'.

The R.S. Sisters were busy sewing as Young Women and 
other sisters decorated the bags.

Yes, I got a smile out of them!

Thank you Sister 't Hoen for your efforts and testimony to make this
activity a reality.

This is the Gospel--Happiness and Service.

I just love the Young Women.  Ronja Vreven is in the purple shirt.
(I couldn't get her to look at the camera)

I loved watching everyone helping everyone.

Fillmore Utah Stake Young Women--this is

The following scripture bags were give to the Den Haag Stake.
Suzannah Coats
Julie Jackson
Kambell McPhail
Shaylee Anderson
Mariana Rodriquez
MaryAnn Swallow
Leona Moat
Maylee Stevens  

Maylee's scripture bag
was given to Ronja Vreven.
A part of the letter sent with the scripture bags read: 
"Through your missionaries could you make sure one goes to 
Ronja Vreven in Holland"
I personally gave the bag to Ronja and gave her a hug
from all the Young Women in Fillmore Utah Stake.

Sister Robinson with Sister van der Put from the Lelystad Branch

My testimony:  Thank you to all of the Young Women who made Scripture Bags at camp in 2011.  A special thanks to those who made the bag that were sent to the Belgium Netherlands Mission.  I do not believe in accidents or 
coincidences--I do believe in a loving Heavenly Father who takes our small offerings--our few loaves and fishes--and feeds thousands.  Miracles are wrought  by small and simple things.  This was a small and simple thing on a summer afternoon at Girls Camp up Kanosh Canyon, but look what has happened.  Hundreds of people will be impacted before the ripples of this activity have ended.  The Lord is feeding the five thousand right before our eyes.  Thank you.  I feel so very humbled to play a small part in this beautiful story.


  1. I have to confess I was there as the Camp Director in 3rd Ward that year, but did not make a bag. I found it too "crafty" and I am not one for crafts. However, had I known the impact they were going to make, I would have been the first in line! Being a return missionary I have such a testimony of and love for missionary work! Thank you for spreading the word in bags Zuster! Oh and tell Zuster Davies hi from her cousin :)Love ya!

  2. Sister Robinson,

    Thank you for sharing your story so that we might see what a landslide of conversions the Fillmore Girls Camp Project began. Those young women will never know how far that fun-filled day in Kanosh Canyon will go. As I read your story, tears filled my eyes. Our Father-in-Heaven works miracles. We might never know until the eternities how He uses our small hands to show the people of the world the truthfulness of the gospel.

    I am thankful for the Fillmore Stake as they have helped mold my granddaughters into the beautiful young women they are today.

    Debbie Robinson
    Maylee's Grandma