A year has passed since that telephone conversation on Thursday, January 18, 2012, when we first learned that a call to serve a mission as a Mission President was a very real possibility.  It has been quite a year.  We received the official call from President Eyring on February 10, 2012.  

Two happy missionaries.
Sister Robinson and President Robinson

Some things I have learned this past year:
1.  The Lord knows Alden and me by name, just as he know everyone.
2.  What it means to completely and totally rely on the Lord.  When everything
     in our life is so far out of our ability to do, control and manage, yet there is
     peace and hope because the Lord is there to help and bless us to be able to
     do, control and manage easy and difficult circumstances.
3.  The church is true--my testimony is more solid and strong than ever before
     in my life.
4.  Learning a new language is hard work and takes time.
5.  Missionary work is exciting work and hard work.
6.  It is so easy to love missionaries.  From the depth of my soul, I love our
7.  I have gone 6 months without a hug from my grandchildren, and I am still   
    happy to be here.
8. The countries of Belgium and Netherlands are beautiful and unique countries.
    I never tire of our drives to the far reaches of the mission and the fun it is to
    met new people and learn of new places.
9. The people of these two countries are wonderful people.  Both members of
    the church, and others we have met.
10. I will never be the same person I was one year ago. For that I am eternally
11. The Lord does qualify and bless those he calls to do his work, regardless of
     the call.  He can and does make more out of us than we could ever hope to
     make of ourselves. 
12. Time moves quickly along is onward track.  It doesn't seem as if a year has
     passed since our lives were so dramatically changed for the better.
13. I really enjoy spending every day and all my time with Alden.  That has
     been so rare in our married life, I was looking forward to it and yes, it's

To our family--our children, their spouses, and our twelve grandchildren.  We love you and miss you terribly.  Thank you for the love and support you give us so we can be here doing what we are doing and never worry (too much) about home. Keep living your lives so that the happiness of the Gospel can shine in every corner of your lives and your homes. Live so that others seeing and knowing you can feel the happiness and blessings our family receives daily. I am eternally thankful for Jesus Christ and his atonement in my life every day.  I see what a difference it makes in people's life when their life is touched by the atonement. I see what a difference humility, love and faith make in the lives of the missionaries--it can make that same difference is anyone's life.  We just have to choose it.  Family, always choose wisely.  We love you.

Interviews across the Mission

The first two weeks of the New Year we spent traveling the mission and interviewing the missionaries.  We both enjoy the time spent with missionaries and talking to them one-on-one.  One of our favorite things.  While in Antwerpen, we had to opportunity to go into the center of the city and near the train station in Antwerpen one evening.  The train station is behind me, it is a beautiful building--as most old buildings are in Europe.  

On Saturday, January 5, 2013, we had the opportunity to go with the Sister Missionaries and visit a newly baptized member, Sarah, and her two little girls and spend the afternoon.

 In the centrum of Antwerpen

 Sarah, Sister Jones, Sarah's little daughter, Sister Juchau, President Robinson

 Sarah, Sister Jones, Sister Juchau, Sister Robinson
and Sarah's daughter.

Thank you Sisters and Sarah for a wonderful afternoon, and a delicious meal that evening.  It was so nice to spend the time together.