We Found the Peace Palace

Thursday, March 21, 2013, President went to the Dentist to have a little oral surgery done. (All is well.)  Afterward, as we were walking out of the office, President notices the tower of a building not far from the Dentist's office.  

We couldn't determine if it were a church or a city building, so we walked over and discovered it was the Peace Palace in Den Haag. 

The Peace Palace (DutchVredespaleis) is a building situated in The HagueNetherlands. It is often called the seat of international law because it houses the International Court of Justice (which is the principal judicial body of the United Nations), the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the Hague Academy of International Law, and the extensive Peace Palace Library. In addition to hosting these institutions, the Palace is also a regular venue for special events in international policy and law. The Palace officially opened on August 28, 1913, and was originally built to provide a symbolic home for the Permanent Court of Arbitration, a court created to end war which was created by treaty at the 1899 Hague Peace Conference.

So, here is the picture of the day!

President Robinson at the Peace Palace

Another P-Day

Saturday, March 16, 2013 we went to Rotterdam to the production of "Joseph and the Technicolored Dream Coat"  It was really great! It was done by the congregation of another church, however, we had some LDS members in the cast.  We were glad to support our 'local' talent.  Everything was in Dutch.  So, I really had to listen hard to follow along.  Another step in learning a new language. Thanks to the Stephen Markham family for the tickets.  We all love the event!  

 We enjoyed the performance with the Sisters from Gouda--Sister Gallago and Sister Schwab.
These two fireball missionaries were even contacting people as they were leaving the performance.  They are terrific missionaries!

Elder Li, Elder Van Rij, Elder Moscon and Elder Andrews

The Sun

The sun is back at a reasonable time each morning.  During the winter, the sun didn't shine until after 9:00 am, so it is good to see the sun at 7:00 am again.
This is outside my bedroom window, and with the drapes open, it shines right in my eyes--which I love.  Summer is on its way!


With Sally and her family coming to visit us, we have been looking at all the options we have for fun and activities while they are here.  Scheveningen Beach is not far from the Mission Home.  So, on March 2, 2013 we took a few hours and walked the 'boardwalk' of Scheveningen Beach.

 This is what it looks like in the summer.  This is what we hoped it would look like for Sally's visit.

President Robinson
But, this is what it really looks like this time of year.  And since it will be very cold while Sally is here, this is what it will look like if we decide to walk the 'boardwalk' of Scheveningen Beach.  

Maybe, we will see!?!?

Another P-Day in Haarlem

February 23, 2013 we met up with some of the missionaries in the Den Haag Zone for another P-Day.  We all met in Haarlem to go to the Corrie Ten Boom Home.  For those of you who have read the book, "The Hiding Place" or seen the movie, you know that the Ten Boom Family hid Jewish people during WWII and some family members were part of the Underground.  It was good to finally see the home and area after reading the book and seeing the movie.  They were Christians who cared about their fellow man and did all within their power to help and serve those in need.  
The whole tour was based on the idea that the Ten Boom Family served as they thought the Jesus would have them serve.  The Elders stated that they felt the Spirit as they learned of this remarkable family.

Here are just a few pictures of our day.

 The Ten Boom Family owned a clock store.  This is the original store, which is now a Jewelry Shop.  Down the ally is the front door to the Ten Boom home.

The front door to the home.  Elder Andrews and Elder Moscon are waiting to go inside.

A false wall was build in Corrie Ten Boom's bedroom where they hide people.  They have removed some bricks to show the 'hiding place'.

They entered into the 'hiding place' through a clothes closet, bottom shelf.  The back was lifted up, they crawled in and lowered the back into place.  Someone on the outside would place a large basket of clothing back on the shelf to hide the 'false back' of the closet.

 Great day spent with the Elders.
President Robinson, Elder Schulte, Elder Farmer, Elder Li, Elder Van Rij, Elder Mascon, Elder Andrews, Elder Giles, Elder Sumter

Before we left the missionaries, we delivered packages and supplies.  
Elder Schulte, Elder Mascon, President Robinson, Elder Andrews, Elder Giles.  Elder Giles won the prize for the biggest and best package that day!  Good Luck getting that home on the train! :)

P-Day in Delft

When our daughter, Suzette, found out that we didn't take our P-Day's because we were always so far behind in getting things done and choosing to just stay home to finish up OR choosing to go work with Missionaries somewhere in the mission, she proceeded to give us some very sound advice that her Mission President, President George, gave to her while serving in Neuquen, Argentina.  "Take you P-days and go learn about the country you are serving in.  Go see the sights, the culture, the people."  So, on February 16, 2013, we started to do just that.  Our first trip out was to the Centrum of Delft--Delft is famous for the Delft Blauw plates.  
The famous white and blue painting that is traditional Dutch. 

Elder Van Rij, President, Elder Schulte 
 (assorted Dutch people shopping that day also)
 This old home is now an antique shop.  President liked the way the chimney was attached on the outside on the left hand side of the house, it hangs over a canal.  We purchased a pair of antique Dutch ice skates while we were in looking around.  Yes, I'm going to hang those skates on my wall when I return to Utah.

 The whole city of Delft is filled with these quaint bridges across the many canals.  It is hard to see President, but you can find him?  (Kind-of-like Where's Waldo)

 We found 'De Zuster' and there I was, right under it!  
(Literally translated it means 'The Sister')

 Street after street, bridge after bridge.  Delft is a beautiful city.

 President was looking for one of the narrowest street of the day--
here is his pick!

 You have not been to Holland until you have been 'in the shoe'!

We were ready to head for home, when we discovered that you could climb up to the tower of the Nieuwe Kerk in the Centrum.  

So, Elder Schutle  talked us all into climbing up.  Little did I realize that the stairwell was round, straight up, made of wooden stairs, and only 4 ft in diameter.  It spiraled up the entire way.  Yes, that church was probably build in the 15th or 16th century. The pictures are from the top where the cream colored stone begins.  

Sister Robinson with Den Haag in the distance.

 Elder Van Rij and Elder Schute
(Yes, I drug by BIG, HEAVY Zebra bag up those stairs)

 Delft Centrum down below on a Saturday afternoon.
 We spent the day with the AP's--Elder Schulte and Elder Van Rij.  

 President enjoyed the experience also.

Elder Schulte in the foreground, Zoetermeer in the background.

Another Trip to Belgium

On February 13, 2013 we were in Belgium again for Zone Trainings.  Afterward, we drove to Brussels to met with a former investigator that still keeps in touch with us.  We love to hear from our friend Ejad from time to time. 

That afternoon we drove out to Waterloo, Belgium.  THE Waterloo where Napoleon met HIS Waterloo.  It was great to get a little 'taste' of history.  We are anxious to return in the summer when it is warm and the 
reenactments are happening.

 President Robinson

 Sister Robinson

We then drove into Brussels to met our friend, Ejad.  We walked to the Centrum of Brussels.  That is as famous and as 'Old World European' as anything in all of Europe. The buildings and churches are beautiful.  You can not see the beauty in the architecture in these pictures, just know the buildings are GRAND!

 The Church in the Square

President Robinson, (always on the phone) and Ejad

We are in front of what is probably the most famous statue in Belgium.  The statue of the Little Boy in the back is a water fountain.  And, yes, that is where the water sprays out.  President actually brought home from his first mission a miniature of this statue.  For years it was 'around' our house in Fillmore.  It finally disappeared--maybe....
 I or the kids finely got tired of the 'naughty' little boy!


Happy Valentines

I have learned in the Mission that holidays are usually just another day.  Some holidays are not celebrated here, so it truly is just another day. 

Well, I did my small part to celebrate Valentines Day.  Here are my decorations. President and I went to the temple that afternoon to celebrate being each others "BE MY VALENTINE".

Authentic Chinese Dinner at the Mission Home

Alicia and Felix are from China and will be in the Netherlands for three years with Felix's work.  They have been receiving the lessons from the missionaries from Den Haag,  Elder Li and Elder Maughan.  Elder Maughan was transferred and so Elder Wright has been teaching them with Elder Li. 

Alicia offered to make us all an authentic Chinese Dinner, so on January 18, 2013 Alicia came to the Mission Home and I was able to help her cook.  Now my job was not too entailed--I got to do the washing and chopping of all the vegetable and the spices, i.e. ginger root, etc.
I now know how they cut up the vegetables to make them look so great!

 My contribution to the Chinese Dinner.

 Alicia was in charge of cooking.

 Alicia is cooking some black mushroom which she said were very
health for everyone, especially men.  She cooked a meal that was 
balanced between being healthy for women and men.

 Alicia just cooked--no recipe.  She learned from her grandmother.

 President and Felix enjoying the cooking in the kitchen.

 A wonderful meal--Elder Li, Felix, Alicia, Elder Mower (he was on exchanges with Elder Li, lucky guy) and Sister Robinson

Sorry, we should have taken a picture of the table BEFORE we ate the food.  Oh well...it was really, really good. 

Alicia used a spice that is a seed to cook with the cabbage.  When we sat down to eat, she told everyone not to eat the seeds in the cabbage.  Those seeds, if chewed in your mouth, will make your mouth numb.  Elder Mower took the challenge and chewed some seeds.  Yup! Makes you mouth numb!

Winter in the Netherlands

On the morning of January 15, 2013 we woke up to the biggest storm of the year for the Netherlands.  Trains were cancelled or running way behind schedule.  The surface streets were bumper to bumper with morning commute and the freeway was wet, slushy, and slick.

But, we pushed on.  A normal 30 minute trip to Schipol took two hours.  It turned out OK, Elder Endicott's plane arrived two hours late.  Everything was perfectly timed.

I realize in Utah, this is just another snow storm.  We took everything in stride. A snowstorm will always make the world a beautiful, quiet and very peaceful place.

 To the left of my front door.

 Right out my front door.
To the right of my front door.

After the snow comes the cold.  The canal across the street froze and the neighborhood kids took advantage to the opportunity to have some fun.  The one day I was home to watch, I enjoyed by hot coco while I watched them ice skate. I caught them coming under the bridge and head on down the canal.  

And then they are off down the canal.  They are remarkable good at skating.