P-Day in Delft

When our daughter, Suzette, found out that we didn't take our P-Day's because we were always so far behind in getting things done and choosing to just stay home to finish up OR choosing to go work with Missionaries somewhere in the mission, she proceeded to give us some very sound advice that her Mission President, President George, gave to her while serving in Neuquen, Argentina.  "Take you P-days and go learn about the country you are serving in.  Go see the sights, the culture, the people."  So, on February 16, 2013, we started to do just that.  Our first trip out was to the Centrum of Delft--Delft is famous for the Delft Blauw plates.  
The famous white and blue painting that is traditional Dutch. 

Elder Van Rij, President, Elder Schulte 
 (assorted Dutch people shopping that day also)
 This old home is now an antique shop.  President liked the way the chimney was attached on the outside on the left hand side of the house, it hangs over a canal.  We purchased a pair of antique Dutch ice skates while we were in looking around.  Yes, I'm going to hang those skates on my wall when I return to Utah.

 The whole city of Delft is filled with these quaint bridges across the many canals.  It is hard to see President, but you can find him?  (Kind-of-like Where's Waldo)

 We found 'De Zuster' and there I was, right under it!  
(Literally translated it means 'The Sister')

 Street after street, bridge after bridge.  Delft is a beautiful city.

 President was looking for one of the narrowest street of the day--
here is his pick!

 You have not been to Holland until you have been 'in the shoe'!

We were ready to head for home, when we discovered that you could climb up to the tower of the Nieuwe Kerk in the Centrum.  

So, Elder Schutle  talked us all into climbing up.  Little did I realize that the stairwell was round, straight up, made of wooden stairs, and only 4 ft in diameter.  It spiraled up the entire way.  Yes, that church was probably build in the 15th or 16th century. The pictures are from the top where the cream colored stone begins.  

Sister Robinson with Den Haag in the distance.

 Elder Van Rij and Elder Schute
(Yes, I drug by BIG, HEAVY Zebra bag up those stairs)

 Delft Centrum down below on a Saturday afternoon.
 We spent the day with the AP's--Elder Schulte and Elder Van Rij.  

 President enjoyed the experience also.

Elder Schulte in the foreground, Zoetermeer in the background.

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