Another Trip to Belgium

On February 13, 2013 we were in Belgium again for Zone Trainings.  Afterward, we drove to Brussels to met with a former investigator that still keeps in touch with us.  We love to hear from our friend Ejad from time to time. 

That afternoon we drove out to Waterloo, Belgium.  THE Waterloo where Napoleon met HIS Waterloo.  It was great to get a little 'taste' of history.  We are anxious to return in the summer when it is warm and the 
reenactments are happening.

 President Robinson

 Sister Robinson

We then drove into Brussels to met our friend, Ejad.  We walked to the Centrum of Brussels.  That is as famous and as 'Old World European' as anything in all of Europe. The buildings and churches are beautiful.  You can not see the beauty in the architecture in these pictures, just know the buildings are GRAND!

 The Church in the Square

President Robinson, (always on the phone) and Ejad

We are in front of what is probably the most famous statue in Belgium.  The statue of the Little Boy in the back is a water fountain.  And, yes, that is where the water sprays out.  President actually brought home from his first mission a miniature of this statue.  For years it was 'around' our house in Fillmore.  It finally disappeared--maybe....
 I or the kids finely got tired of the 'naughty' little boy!

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