Authentic Chinese Dinner at the Mission Home

Alicia and Felix are from China and will be in the Netherlands for three years with Felix's work.  They have been receiving the lessons from the missionaries from Den Haag,  Elder Li and Elder Maughan.  Elder Maughan was transferred and so Elder Wright has been teaching them with Elder Li. 

Alicia offered to make us all an authentic Chinese Dinner, so on January 18, 2013 Alicia came to the Mission Home and I was able to help her cook.  Now my job was not too entailed--I got to do the washing and chopping of all the vegetable and the spices, i.e. ginger root, etc.
I now know how they cut up the vegetables to make them look so great!

 My contribution to the Chinese Dinner.

 Alicia was in charge of cooking.

 Alicia is cooking some black mushroom which she said were very
health for everyone, especially men.  She cooked a meal that was 
balanced between being healthy for women and men.

 Alicia just cooked--no recipe.  She learned from her grandmother.

 President and Felix enjoying the cooking in the kitchen.

 A wonderful meal--Elder Li, Felix, Alicia, Elder Mower (he was on exchanges with Elder Li, lucky guy) and Sister Robinson

Sorry, we should have taken a picture of the table BEFORE we ate the food.  Oh well...it was really, really good. 

Alicia used a spice that is a seed to cook with the cabbage.  When we sat down to eat, she told everyone not to eat the seeds in the cabbage.  Those seeds, if chewed in your mouth, will make your mouth numb.  Elder Mower took the challenge and chewed some seeds.  Yup! Makes you mouth numb!

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