Here We Go!

On May 18, 2012, Bailey Moving came and packed up 95% of what we are shipping to the Netherlands. The other 5% is going in our suitcases. I had to work that day, so Alden supervised the packing and shipping.  I hope we have remembered everything.  Well, I know I have not--I was going to ship my beautiful picture of the Manti Temple, but forgot until it was too late.  I might have to have Cortney Lunt paint one of the Den Hague Temple in the Netherlands and ship it to me. 

The crate is going by ship so it will take 55-60 days to get to port in Rotterdam.  But, who knows, it may take longer.  We are prepared to live out of our suitcases from now until July ????? whenever, 2012 through 2015?!?!? Oh, the adventure begins.  Now for packing up my household items.  Wow, that's 27 years of 'stuff'!

Another "See You Later" Goodbye

On May 18, 2012 the Fillmore Elementary Faculty and Staff had their Closing Social.  They said goodbye to four teachers, I was one of those.  They presented me with this book of wonderful wishes and kind thoughts.  Thank you everyone for everything.  I will take this book to Holland with me and on those "rainy days", I will pull it out and read through it and fondly remember wonderful friends and coworkers. I wish you all well while I am gone.

They also gave me flowers---they know I love flowers.  I am the teacher, perhaps the only teacher, that buys myself flowers for every Parent Teacher Conference.  It has been my tradition for years!

On May 24, 2012 I said goodbye to 21 energetic First Grade boys and girls who are now ready to be Second Graders.  I will miss being with them everyday.  They will be finishing up Fourth Grade and going into Fifth Grade when I return.  Class-- When I get back, I will come to the Middle School to see how great you read and how smart you are at math!!  

I had mixed feeling as I went back into the building from the buses after saying goodbye to all the kids.  Wow--keep breathing!

On May 25, 2012 at 6:30 pm Alden and I loaded the last of my personal stuff from school.  After 23 years, I do not have anything of mine at Fillmore Elementary School.  Hopefully, over the years, I have left my name on enough equipment, furniture, books and supplies that once in a while someone may see it and think of me!  It has been great working at a great school!  It has been my pleasure to work with some of the best teachers in the world.  Thanks to the District also for the many years that I have had the opportunity to work with outstanding educators from across the District, both administrators and teachers.  Best wishes to everyone.


MTC--Round Two

On May 7-11, 2012 we spent another exciting week at the MTC.  I have to admit, even though it is intense and long hours, it is wonderful.  The people, the learning, the Spirit, and the purpose for being there--it is a marvelous experience and opportunity.  The Church has and is investing so much time and effort in our behalf to insure our success as Mission President and companion.  Everyone is anxiously engaged in making sure we arrive in Belgium and Netherlands as prepared as possible. 

Sister Alice and Brother Rudy Hoole
We have made deep and lasting friendships with many of our tutors, teachers and volunteers that come to assist us in speaking Dutch.
Brother and Sister Hoole are a wonderful couple whose friendship have changed our lives.  They were both born and raised in the Netherlands.  They have been invaluable in helping both Alden and I in practicing and learning the language.  They are kind, helpful, very patient with us, and are valiant members of the church.  To each and every one of you at the MTC--Wij zijn voor u dunkbaar!  

We sat down in the cafeteria in the mist of hundreds of Elders and Sisters during a meal on Monday.  Four Sister missionaries sat down by us and one, after seeing our name badge, asked about which language we were tutoring.  We replied that we weren't tutoring, but were being tutored.  With a surprised reply another Sister asked if we were a new Mission President and companion.  When we replied to the affirmative, she asked which language we were learning. With our reply of Dutch, the six Elders sitting on the other side of the Sister immediately looked our way and one asked, "Are you our new Mission President?"  Three of those Elders are called to serve in the  Belgium Netherlands Mission and are currently at the MTC learning Dutch, the other three Elders were in their District and are learning Danish.  We had the opportunity to meet three wonderful Elders who will proceed us to the mission field by 10 days.  They will arrive in Netherlands on June 19, 2012, and we will arrive on June 29, 2012.  With Elders of that caliber, wow, we are in for a wonderful three years.  We had the opportunity to visit with them every day for the rest of the week.  On Friday we were eating dinner before heading home when one of 'our' Elders came over and pulled up a chair to talk with us for a few minutes. I leaned back in the chair and watched the Elder talk with President Robinson.  My thought..."It has begun!" It was heartwarming to watch a new relationship blossom right in front of me with all the love and caring the Savior expects from His disciples---I can hardly wait for the experiences and opportunities of the next three years!  I wish there were words to express the love, the Spirit, and the joy that we felt as we sat there with that one missionary. How great will be the joy with over a hundred! 
Wij zijn gezegend! 

Breakin' Trails for Higher Ground

On May 2, 2012, Sunrise Engineering honored Alden with an evening of memories and well wishes at his retirement party themed 'Breakin' Trails for Higher Ground'.
It was wonderful to see so many friends and co-workers there. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who spent the evening with us.

Val, Alden, Jim and Evan
 It was wonderful to see and hear from Jim Cox, Val Kofoed, and Evan Simpson.  These three partners, along with Alden, struggled with Sunrise Engineering in its earliest days.  Jim and Val have moved on to other ventures and have left Sunrise Engineering, while Evan now steps up as CEO and President of Sunrise Engineering.

Alden's Farewell from Sunrise
The evening was a walk down the path of Alden's professional life. Many wonderful wishes and personal throughts were given, but most heartwarming were the many compliments and tributes to Alden for his forsight for the future of Sunrise Engineering, his business sense, and his personal integrity and professionalism which have made Sunrise the sterling engineering company that it is today. 

Leah, Alden, Brenda

Honor was paid to his wonderful mother and to me.  Special thanks to everyone who were involved in the evening.  We are indeed grateful for the many years of Sunrise in our lives and for the opportunities and blessings that have been ours through Sunrise.   Friends and coworkers keep saying, "It's not goodbye, it's see you later."  Thanks.

A lifetime of Memories



I had my doctor visit with Dr. Dickenson, my gastroenterologist, on Friday, April 27, 2012, as a follow up to my hospital stay.  What, you might ask, does Nemo have to do with my doctor visit?  Keep reading!  Dr. Dickenson gave me a clean bill of health.  No restrictions on diet, no medications necessary.  All is truly well.  I am blessed with health through the Priesthood blessing given and direct blessings poured out from a loving and kind Heavenly Father.  So, next week May 7-11, 2012, we will spend another week of language immersion at the MTC.  My greatest concern isn't my health--it is the fact that people will be speaking to me in Dutch to teach me Dutch.  I feel like I'm in way over my head.  But like Dory told Nemo--"Just keep swimming, swimming!"

It Wasn't a Dream

The official announcement (with picture) of our call was published in the April 28, 2012 issue of The Church News.  I guess this doesn't make it more official, but it does make it more of a reality and we didn't just dream up this call.  Growing up in little Redmond, Utah and living in little Flowell, Utah, I never would have believe that our picture would someday be in The Church News with the caption that appears below.  Just a personal note to you, family and dear friends.  You have no idea what the Lord has in store for you or your family.   Live so you are prepared and worthy for those events.  Forty years ago when Alden and I were married , I had no idea and would never have believed it if someone had told me that someday we would sit in the office of the First Presidency to receive a call like this call.  We are very thankful and grateful that along the way we tried, and also helped each other try, to make good choices about spiritual things in our lives. (And that's just about every thing in our lives.)  When we realized and felt we had made mistakes and were off the 'path', we did our best to make course corrections. (Isn't the Atonement a beautiful thing!)  To the people I love I say, please live your life with joy and blessings, not regrets.

Brenda P. and Alden C. Robinson
Alden Charles Robinson, 62, and Brenda Peterson Robinson, three children, Belgium/Netherlands Mission; Flowell Ward, Fillmore Utah Stake. Brother Robinson serves as a Sunday School teacher and is a former counselor in a stake presidency, bishop, counselor in a bishopric, high priest group leader, Young Men president, Varsity Scout coach and missionary in the Netherlands Mission. President and CEO, Sunrise Engineering. Born in Fillmore, Utah, to Ralph Alden and Leah C Robinson.
Sister Robinson serves as a Sunday School teacher and is a former stake Young Women camp director, Young Women president and counselor, choir director, Primary music leader, Relief Society teacher and institute teacher. Born in Salina, Utah, to Roger James and Glenna Peterson.

Thank you again for all the kind words of encouragement and support that we keep receiving from our family and close friends.  Learning the language has been an exciting challenge.  To those who keep encouraging me on my journey to a new language, I sincerely thank you. It isn't easy.  I still can't visualize myself sitting in a home in the Netherlands and speaking fluently with these wonderful people, but I know that it will come.  Through the Lord, all things are possible.  I will keep 'my eye single to his Glory'.