Here We Go!

On May 18, 2012, Bailey Moving came and packed up 95% of what we are shipping to the Netherlands. The other 5% is going in our suitcases. I had to work that day, so Alden supervised the packing and shipping.  I hope we have remembered everything.  Well, I know I have not--I was going to ship my beautiful picture of the Manti Temple, but forgot until it was too late.  I might have to have Cortney Lunt paint one of the Den Hague Temple in the Netherlands and ship it to me. 

The crate is going by ship so it will take 55-60 days to get to port in Rotterdam.  But, who knows, it may take longer.  We are prepared to live out of our suitcases from now until July ????? whenever, 2012 through 2015?!?!? Oh, the adventure begins.  Now for packing up my household items.  Wow, that's 27 years of 'stuff'!

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