It Wasn't a Dream

The official announcement (with picture) of our call was published in the April 28, 2012 issue of The Church News.  I guess this doesn't make it more official, but it does make it more of a reality and we didn't just dream up this call.  Growing up in little Redmond, Utah and living in little Flowell, Utah, I never would have believe that our picture would someday be in The Church News with the caption that appears below.  Just a personal note to you, family and dear friends.  You have no idea what the Lord has in store for you or your family.   Live so you are prepared and worthy for those events.  Forty years ago when Alden and I were married , I had no idea and would never have believed it if someone had told me that someday we would sit in the office of the First Presidency to receive a call like this call.  We are very thankful and grateful that along the way we tried, and also helped each other try, to make good choices about spiritual things in our lives. (And that's just about every thing in our lives.)  When we realized and felt we had made mistakes and were off the 'path', we did our best to make course corrections. (Isn't the Atonement a beautiful thing!)  To the people I love I say, please live your life with joy and blessings, not regrets.

Brenda P. and Alden C. Robinson
Alden Charles Robinson, 62, and Brenda Peterson Robinson, three children, Belgium/Netherlands Mission; Flowell Ward, Fillmore Utah Stake. Brother Robinson serves as a Sunday School teacher and is a former counselor in a stake presidency, bishop, counselor in a bishopric, high priest group leader, Young Men president, Varsity Scout coach and missionary in the Netherlands Mission. President and CEO, Sunrise Engineering. Born in Fillmore, Utah, to Ralph Alden and Leah C Robinson.
Sister Robinson serves as a Sunday School teacher and is a former stake Young Women camp director, Young Women president and counselor, choir director, Primary music leader, Relief Society teacher and institute teacher. Born in Salina, Utah, to Roger James and Glenna Peterson.

Thank you again for all the kind words of encouragement and support that we keep receiving from our family and close friends.  Learning the language has been an exciting challenge.  To those who keep encouraging me on my journey to a new language, I sincerely thank you. It isn't easy.  I still can't visualize myself sitting in a home in the Netherlands and speaking fluently with these wonderful people, but I know that it will come.  Through the Lord, all things are possible.  I will keep 'my eye single to his Glory'.  


  1. It's great to hear of this great calling. I hope you remember me. We were all in that group that went to the Netherlands in September of 1968. I know President and Sister Dalebout would be proud!

    Dale Braithwaite magidale@verizon.net

  2. Our son is one of the wonderful missionaries that currently call The Belgium/Netherlands Mission home. We know that they have all been praying for both of you since they received word of your call. Please know that their families are praying for you as well. May the Lord bless you and you family as you begin this new adventure!

    The Benson Family