Breakin' Trails for Higher Ground

On May 2, 2012, Sunrise Engineering honored Alden with an evening of memories and well wishes at his retirement party themed 'Breakin' Trails for Higher Ground'.
It was wonderful to see so many friends and co-workers there. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who spent the evening with us.

Val, Alden, Jim and Evan
 It was wonderful to see and hear from Jim Cox, Val Kofoed, and Evan Simpson.  These three partners, along with Alden, struggled with Sunrise Engineering in its earliest days.  Jim and Val have moved on to other ventures and have left Sunrise Engineering, while Evan now steps up as CEO and President of Sunrise Engineering.

Alden's Farewell from Sunrise
The evening was a walk down the path of Alden's professional life. Many wonderful wishes and personal throughts were given, but most heartwarming were the many compliments and tributes to Alden for his forsight for the future of Sunrise Engineering, his business sense, and his personal integrity and professionalism which have made Sunrise the sterling engineering company that it is today. 

Leah, Alden, Brenda

Honor was paid to his wonderful mother and to me.  Special thanks to everyone who were involved in the evening.  We are indeed grateful for the many years of Sunrise in our lives and for the opportunities and blessings that have been ours through Sunrise.   Friends and coworkers keep saying, "It's not goodbye, it's see you later."  Thanks.

A lifetime of Memories


  1. THanks for updating Ma. Nice to see the pics of the retirement party and of school and everything. I cant believe you're both done. Thats just wild! I'll give you a call tomorrow and we can chat. The kids still need to tell you all happy birthday. Love you.

  2. I cant believe the pic of those 4 men. What an incredible thing to have them there. I SO wish I could have heard their speeches. And sorry, Im signed in as Chris, but Im sure you know its me. :)