Winter in the Netherlands

On the morning of January 15, 2013 we woke up to the biggest storm of the year for the Netherlands.  Trains were cancelled or running way behind schedule.  The surface streets were bumper to bumper with morning commute and the freeway was wet, slushy, and slick.

But, we pushed on.  A normal 30 minute trip to Schipol took two hours.  It turned out OK, Elder Endicott's plane arrived two hours late.  Everything was perfectly timed.

I realize in Utah, this is just another snow storm.  We took everything in stride. A snowstorm will always make the world a beautiful, quiet and very peaceful place.

 To the left of my front door.

 Right out my front door.
To the right of my front door.

After the snow comes the cold.  The canal across the street froze and the neighborhood kids took advantage to the opportunity to have some fun.  The one day I was home to watch, I enjoyed by hot coco while I watched them ice skate. I caught them coming under the bridge and head on down the canal.  

And then they are off down the canal.  They are remarkable good at skating.

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