Another P-Day in Haarlem

February 23, 2013 we met up with some of the missionaries in the Den Haag Zone for another P-Day.  We all met in Haarlem to go to the Corrie Ten Boom Home.  For those of you who have read the book, "The Hiding Place" or seen the movie, you know that the Ten Boom Family hid Jewish people during WWII and some family members were part of the Underground.  It was good to finally see the home and area after reading the book and seeing the movie.  They were Christians who cared about their fellow man and did all within their power to help and serve those in need.  
The whole tour was based on the idea that the Ten Boom Family served as they thought the Jesus would have them serve.  The Elders stated that they felt the Spirit as they learned of this remarkable family.

Here are just a few pictures of our day.

 The Ten Boom Family owned a clock store.  This is the original store, which is now a Jewelry Shop.  Down the ally is the front door to the Ten Boom home.

The front door to the home.  Elder Andrews and Elder Moscon are waiting to go inside.

A false wall was build in Corrie Ten Boom's bedroom where they hide people.  They have removed some bricks to show the 'hiding place'.

They entered into the 'hiding place' through a clothes closet, bottom shelf.  The back was lifted up, they crawled in and lowered the back into place.  Someone on the outside would place a large basket of clothing back on the shelf to hide the 'false back' of the closet.

 Great day spent with the Elders.
President Robinson, Elder Schulte, Elder Farmer, Elder Li, Elder Van Rij, Elder Mascon, Elder Andrews, Elder Giles, Elder Sumter

Before we left the missionaries, we delivered packages and supplies.  
Elder Schulte, Elder Mascon, President Robinson, Elder Andrews, Elder Giles.  Elder Giles won the prize for the biggest and best package that day!  Good Luck getting that home on the train! :)

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