Forty Years Later

On Friday, August 24, 2012, President and I went to Apeldoorn to work with the Zone Leaders, Elder Van Rij and Elder Li.  We had a great day.  President has two 'look-ups' to do.  One was a family of a business friend of Alden's, Shane Jones.  Shane lived with a family, Henk and Marja Brink, near Apeldoorn as an exchange student when he was sixteen.  He asked us if we could, look them up and say 'hello' from Shane and get to know them.  Well, we did.

Marja's sister-in-law, Sister Robinson, Marja Brink, President Robinson,
 Henk Brink, their daughter Marja, and Marja's brother.

It was a delightful visit with this family.  In Dutch fashion, they served us juice drinks and treated us like family.

President's second 'look-up' was his old address for the house where he rented a room from a family 40 years ago as an missionary.  We found the house.  It has now been converted into several apartments, so we were not able to go inside to see his room.  But he remembers the pine tree in the front yard, the huge one to the right of President.  It was a pleasant walk down 'memory lane'.

 He remembers the house being red or dark brick.

The front door to the home.

As we were doing our 2-2-5 down the street of this home, a teacher came by with her class.  I'm assuming they were going on some kind of field trip.  Wish I could have gotten a picture of them coming as well as going.

 Look beyond the parked car, can you see every student is on their own bike?

They were stretched out for about a half block.  Teacher was on her bike up front wearing a bright florescent green vest!! (Sorry, she didn't get in the picture)  The children were around 8-10 years old.  What a way to go on a field trip, I should have thought of this sooner!!  What was I thinking all these years I took kids on field trips!!??!!  Fun or no?

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  1. Hmmm... I was just trying to picture a field trip on bikes! I have a hard enough time getting to the post office in Meadow with my 3 kids on bikes and me pushing the 4th in the stroller on busy main street! :)