Den Haag Stake and Six of the Scripture Bags

On Thursday, August 23, 2012, President and I met with Sister Naomi 't Hoen, the Stake Young Women's President in the Den Haag Stake.  
At our meeting with President Odens he had asked President and I to meet with her and he had asked Sister 't Hoen to met with us.  He had shared a little about the Scripture Bags with her.

Sister Robinson and Sister 't Hoen

This is Sister 't Hoen's story:

"When President Odens called and told me about the bags I was immediately interested.  I had been praying and pondering what I could do with our Young Women of the Stake. We have so many of our Young Women who are not actively attending and participating in Young Womens. We are having a Stake Young Women's Activity on October 20 and I have been searching for something that our young women can do to help them reach out to every young sister in our Stake.  So, I was very interested to met with you to learn about these scripture bags."

Sister 't Hoen and her counselors are very interested in the project.  They are going to use it to help in activation.  They have a large number of Young Women who are not enjoying the blessings of full activity. They are going to use the scripture bags in their stake activity on October 20, all the Young Women in the Stake will get together and make more scripture bags, using those six I gave them from Fillmore Utah as samples.  They are all going to mark Books of Mormon with their favorite scriptures and then give it to a less active Young Women or a non-member friend and invite them to read it and come and actively join again in Young Women's and receive the blessings of activity and church membership. 

Along the way, the Stake Relief Society will be assisting the project in sewing the bags.  Perhaps the Relief Society Sisters will want to do their own bag?  I 
don't know.

Here are the six bags that went to the Den Haag Stake:

Julie J
Kambell M.
Shaylee A.
Mariana R.
Mary Ann S.
Leona M.

It was such a joy to visit with Sister 't Hoen.  We told her that our missionaries were ready to assist and help her and the Young Women of the Stake, as well as their families in role playing and helping them practice ways to approach and present their book bags to others.  President and I are invited to talk to the Young Women at their Stake Activity on October 20, 2012.  I can hardly wait!  'Zendingswerk is echt en spannend.' 

Interesting Note:  Fillmore Stake--when Sister 't Hoen saw the picture of all the girls at Girls Camp, all she could say was 'WOW!'.  Quote form Sis. 't Hoen: "I would love to have that many of our Young Women at camp.  That is amazing!"
She is right--Fillmore Stake Young Women are "AMAZING"!

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