Stress Relief

Just a personal note of gratitude.

I love the AP's  (aka Apes).  They generally take group photos that both President and I are in with missionaries.  However, they also take photos of whatever else they can think of to photograph.

This is just a glimpse of what happens each day!!

 Elder van Overbeek and Elder van de Graaff
Plus the 'normal' group of missionaries.  
The Goal: To get everyone in a group shot!  DID IT!

 Nice fashion pose Elder van Overbeek.

 And then it is just goof off!

And goof off, Part II.

Why am I grateful?  At the end of a long day--which this particular day was, 
it was almost 8:00 pm after a very long day--President and I appreciate the opportunity to just laugh and enjoy the enthusiasm of youth!  We can never quite guess what they will think up to do, or what they will say. They know how to best support us when we are tired, beat and still have 'miles to go before we sleep'.  For you two Elders, we are eternally grateful.  We love you like sons.

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