Another Update to our Finding

We are trying a different way to contact people who may what to hear our message.  Two weeks ago, we wrote a letter of introduction and put it in the mailboxes of 23 people who live in an apartment complex in our neighborhood.  We addressed it to the families who lived in the building--not just 'occupant'.  

As I shared earlier, we got a call right away.  This young man who called has had the first lesson and came to church on Sunday.  He is from Syria and has lived in Netherlands for over six years.  He know Dutch, but we got him a Book of Mormon in Arabic, which is much easier for him to read.  He said he would read it.  We taught him part of lesson 2.  He is out of town for a week or so, so we will see what happens--our next appointment is August 27.

Tonight, we went to call on the people who were not home the first time we did call-backs.  This time a young mother (24 years old) with three children was interested and asked us to come up to her apartment.  President presented her with our short message of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  I shared my testimony of families and how the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings happiness to families and we can be together forever.  I gave her a pass along card where she could get the free DVD about forever families.  She asked us to come back and teach her the first lesson.  So, on August 27, we have an appointment to teach her.  

Is the new approach a success?--I say it is another tool for us to use to find those who the Lord has prepared--we found a family and a young man to teach.  We don't know how this will all turn out, but President and I have the faith that He prepares people to hear the message we have to share. Each time we talk with these people, we feel the Spirit very directly and intensely.  And we also have the faith that He leads us to those who have been prepared and/or He leads them to us.  And so......we teach and continue to find!  Missionary work is the work of the Spirit!

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