Different Kind of Date Night

The law of the 'universe' states, "Mission Presidents will have Saturdays as their PDay", and the subtitle to that is, "Mission Presidents will take their companions on a date once a week--Friday nights are good nights".

The law of 'real life' allows, "Mission Presidents will have P-Moments" and the subtitle to that is "Have something to eat together with your wife once in a while--Home is a good place".

Missionary Work is never done.  It's like raising a family, you come to the end of your day, but you never come to the end of raising a family.  You never come to the end of missionary work.

So, tonight, Tuesday, August 7, 2012, (I guess you could call it a 'date night') President and I set out to try a new approach to 'finding'.  Finding people to teach is one of the great challenges in a mission.  Everyone thinks about missionary work as teaching and testifying to people in their homes.  The truth--you don't have anyone to teach if you don't find them.  So, finding becomes a major part of missionary work.

President ask the AP's to participate in this new approach also.  They are working it in Amsterdam and we are working it here in Leidschendam.  We did our 'ground laying work' tonight.  Thursday evening, August 9, we will go start our 'finding'.  I'll let you know how it works.  We are very excited.  It is an idea that President has had for some weeks now.  I know I felt the Spirit when we decided on the apartment building we would tract.  I have to believe there is someone waiting that has been prepared by the Lord to hear the message we have to share.  As you always do, keep us and the AP's in your prayers.  There is a purpose in being inspired to try this approach.

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