Weekend in Netherlands

What a weekend.  
Saturday, June 30, 2012 we spent the morning shopping for a few things to make it through the week --like food!  For the afternoon and evening we went with two Elders from Den Hague out contacting and teaching.  What a blessing that was.  In one home we visited, Elder Bickman asked me to pray.  So, I did.  They actually understood me!  During the lesson, I understood enough of what they were teaching and with help from the Spirit, I knew when it was right to bear my testimony.  Later I asked how my timing was and they informed me it was perfect.  They didn't realize that I wasn't understanding the whole lesson, and I had just followed the Spirit to tell me the right time.  Wow!  This whole missionary thing is miraculous.

Sunday, July 1, 2012.  Remember on Father's Day I spoke about the 'cosmic pick' Sacrament Meeting, because we had no idea where we would go to church.  Well, we went to the Zoetoemeer Ward. It was Fast Sunday and so I bore my testimony in Sacrament meeting---and they understood me there also.         
Zoetoemeer Ward is home ward to Sister Disere.  Alden taught her and her husband in 1969 when they joined the church. We walked into church and she was just ahead of us walking into the chapel.  Alden touched her on the shoulder.  She turned around and looked up at him.  I watched her as she suddenly recognized him.  I will never forget the love and joy in her eyes as she reached up to hug him.  Tears fill everyones eyes.  Then Alden said, "Ik hou van u!" as he hugged her.  (I love you!)  That was a remarkable moment for all of us.  Later that afternoon she along with her daughter and son-in-law came to the Mission Home for dinner with us. It was a wonderful afternoon. 

 President Robinson helping in the kitchen!

Sister Robinson in the kitchen--some things stay the same!

Sunday evening we went to our first baptism in Gouda.  Again, the Spirit was there and it is amazing to see the Sister missionaries in action.  This was their investigator that was baptized.  I am impressed!  I am blessed!  We are excited to be on our mission. 

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend. Im happy for you that you are settling in, and that you have already seen Sister Disere!