Cookies--without Grandkids

Sunday's have always been a great day to bake cookies at my house.  It's the day most, if not all, grandkids are there.  90% of the fun in making cookies is all the helping hands and heads that get involved!

Well, Sunday, July 21, 2012, I made cookies without grandkids.  It just wasn't the same.  I had to do it all by myself, and there was no one to eat the cookie dough but me.  90% of the fun this time was the fact that these cookies were going out to assorted missionaries.  That made it great!

 Good, I found the KitchenAid!!

 Better yet, I found all the ingredients for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
The chips are from Brugge Belgium.  I found them in the drawer of baking goods!
Belgium Chocolate!!!

 Well, they look like they are suppose to look to start with, now baking them in an oven at 176 degrees C.  (Weird)

Hey, for the first time ever making cookies in Netherlands, not bad.  They taste great and they will not last long!

I really missed you helping me make them Isaac, Devin, Layton and Parker. :(

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  1. I know they missed helping you make them. I am so happy for you Mom and Dad! What a great example you are to my family!