The Crate Came!!!

I could not have been happier when I heard on Wednesday, July 11, our crate would be delivered on Thursday, July 12.  We have been living out of our suitcase since May 18!!  We were originally told it would be delivered on or about July 30th. Hooray for miracles, or is this a tender mercy?

I think boxes are beautiful!!!!  It is like Christmas re-discovering all the wonderful things I sent here.  However, there are a lot of things at home in Fillmore now that I wish I would have sent.  It's interesting how 'hind' sight works.  :)  It may take a week or two to get really settled and unpacked.

We have actually unpacked about 5 boxes already.  Things I was really in need of-----my really good shampoo.  Haven't been able to find the good stuff here yet.  Ummm--a new choice in something to wear!!----five skirts and tops and two dresses are hard to make look different for two months!  :)  Poor Alden had two suits.  Poor Elders--their fashion statement is their ties.

Ummm--the pictures of my family.  Now I can add a little of 'me' to the home and make it feel like we live here.  Makes my family a little more a part of what we are doing!  Kids and grandkids--We love you and we miss you dearly.  But Heavenly Father has made sure my heart doesn't break--my heart just misses you.  I hope you have your savings accounts open and putting away $$$ to save up to come and see us--we are counting on that visit.


  1. Brenda you guys sound like you are doing so good. Thanks for sharing your blog. I follow it and can feel the spirit and joy as you talk about the missionaries and your love for them. Sounds like you guys are doing a great job! Glad you got a piece of home with you. Love you guys and our prayers are with you. Karen W

  2. I may just need to ship you good shampoo. You shipped it to me for years. Biolage will forever smell like Godoy. :)