Mission Home Tour Part 1

 Here are some photos of the Mission Home in Leiden Netherlands.  I want to share with you along the way so you can see this beautiful home!  Part 1:

 The Deck with enough tables and chairs for everyone!

 Over on the side of the home, coming out of the dining room, there is another sitting and dining area.

 This kitchen is beautiful and bright.  There is an 
eating area in the kitchen just right for breakfast, last night suppers, and when there is just the two of us.                   
The stove and oven are great.  It's just the instruction manual is in Dutch!
 It all has just the right touch of Dutch and Belgium.  The tile above the stove is beautiful.  Notice the Dutch touches.

These are my two refrigerators.  The Microwave and storage are between.  Yes, there are two freezers also.  Oh, and a refrigerator in the garage!  Just like home. :)

I love the country sink with the front apron.  Oh, and all the fresh flowers.  All the flowers in the kitchen are real or fresh cut!
The dishwasher is just to the right of the sink.


  1. It looks beautiful. I'm so happy that you have a back porch!

  2. It looks so clean and bright and homey. How nice that you have a deck there too. What exciting new experiences you are having. I'm impressed that you are praying and bearing your testimony in Dutch and they are understanding you. I can't even imagine it. I love reading about your adventures. Thanks for sharing.