The Beginning of the Best Three Years!!!

President and Sister Burbaker
President and Sister Robinson

The Burbakers are wonderful.  The took us right to the Mission Office where we met Elder and Sister Pankratz whom we knew previously and love dearly.  They are the office Senior Missionary Couple.  We feel honored and privileged to work with them so closely for the coming months.

Next, we met Elders Calkins and Klippel.  I just love these missionaries.  What a  welcome we received.  We spent the morning in the office getting 'up to speed' with everything--and dealing with jet lag.

At 2:00 PM the Burbakers took us out to lunch in Leidschendam, in a shopping center close to the mission home.  It was just nice to talk and share with these new found friends.  They have been so very kind, supportive, helpful and through in preparing for this change.  

They drove us to the mission home and we all walked through the home together to help us get familiar with everything.  I want to personally and publicly thank the Burbakers, especially, Sister Burbaker, for the wonderfulness and peacefulness of the mission home.  They chose colors and deco for the home last year as the mission home was build and plans were made to move from Brussels to this new home in Leidschendam.  They moved treasured pieces from the old home that has been collected over the years and have placed them in the home now in such a way as to preserve the culture of both counties, and make it a place the Spirit can dwell.  The home has a feel of peace and reverence.  The Spirit is in the home.  Parents, it is a wonderful place for your sons and daughters to anchor to for 'home away from home' for their missions. 

Around 5:00 pm President Brubaker, Sister Brubaker, Elder Van De Graaff, Elder Van Overbeek, President and Sister Robinson knelt for a prayer of thanksgiving for the wonderful miracle mission work is and for the blessing we each have had and will have to be part of the work.  They took their last look and said goodbye to the wonderful home they have created for the Belgium Netherlands Mission.  Thank you President and Sister Brubaker.  We pray Godspeed to be with you as you now begin a new chapter in your life.  Have a wonderful family reunion when you get back to Utah.  Our love. 

We were told that the mission home was 'above the standard of a chapel and beneath that of a temple'.  It is true.  I quietly walked through the home tonight as I locked doors and turned out lights.  I feel grateful to be steward of it for three years.  We settled into a beautiful home that truly feels like home already!

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