Finished Up Zone Conferences

We finished up our first round of Zone Conferences for the mission.  What a wonderful week. 

Thursday, July 5, we were with the Den Haag Zone which is the Zone closest to home.  We had a wonderful day with awesome Elders, Sisters and Senior Couples:  How luck are we!  We came home feeling so very blessed.  (Side note:  We have a wonderful Sister Davies who is Steve Davies daughter.  Steve is brother to Jack, Dan, June and Lynette--what a small world.  She is in the flowered shirt, fifth from the left, front row.)

The Den Haag Zone after conference!

Friday, July 6, we spent the day with the Elders and Senior Couples from Apeldoorn Zone.  It was our last conference of the week, and I think President and I just felt the pressure lift a little.  We really enjoyed the day in Apeldoorn. That evening we went to the Jo-Vo Center in Deventer.  It was great to see a Jo-Vo Center in action.  It was Friday night, they had about 20 young adults there for Institute and supper.  Many were investigators.  Before supper, I went with the Elders, and President went with another set of Elders, and we each participated in teaching two investigators.  Again, a time to share and bear testimonies of the gospel and of Jesus Christ.  Again, a time to really feel the Spirit testify to everyone present.  This is great fun!

 The Apeldoorn Zone before we all went our way.  We'll met up again next week for interviews.  Looking forward to spending time with these truly great missionaries again.  Elders--we had a great testimony meeting, we thank you!

President and I spent Friday night in Apeldoorn.  President's regret--he wishes he had written down the address where he lived 40 years ago when he work in Apeldoorn. He would have liked to have found the house he lived in and the family he lived with, perhaps someone could have told him about that family and were they might be today.  

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