This Chapter Ends

Today, Tuesday, June 19, 2012, we honored the life of Roger J. Peterson, my dad.  My brother, two sisters and I met with our family and friends as well as friends of my father.  It was a sacred and spiritual day with everyone.  Thank you for helping me close this chapter of my life's book--it has been an unbelievable journey.  I now  feel more prepared for my mission.  I have been very concerned for my dad as I prepared to leave to serve in Belgium Netherlands Mission for three years. I have expressed my concern to the Lord--I left it in his hands.  The Lord has allowed my dad to be in the perfect place as I serve for three years.  I do not worry for my Dad anymore!

It was a wonderful day.  I have had many wonderful days with my dad over the years.  Keep a watchful eye on us in Belgium Netherlands!

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