Day Two

Our English Tags to be worn at the MTC

Today, Sunday June 24, we felt like missionaries.  We wore our English name tags all day.  We had sacrament meeting with the First Presidency and nine of the twelve apostles.  What a treat.  For the afternoon session, Russell M. Nielsen spoke.  Later we shook hands and visited with Elder Nielsen, Elder Ballard, and Elder Cook.  We met several of the Seventy and the Presiding Bishopric. What a wonderful first day.  We have been instructed on great ways to train, motivate and have real growth in the mission.  We have met almost all the new mission presidents and wives that are going to Europe Area.  They are my new "best friends". We all feel a sisterhood and will depend on each other over the years.  Again, we feel so very blessed.  Wij zijn gezegend.

Onze Nederlands naam label

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  1. Wow, what a special sacrament meeting to be a part of! I bet Dad is loving it, and I hope you are both finally getting some rest!
    We missed you at Sunday dinner, but it sounds like you were having a really neat afternoon.
    Since sending those picture didn't work, Suzie will drop off a flash drive at the front desk for you today, just download them and drop the flash drive in an envelope back to me before you leave the country :)
    Love you!