Day Four

 Wow!  Day four was as exciting as any other day.  We heard from President Uchtdorf this morning and from Bro. Causse from the Presiding Bishopric.  The afternoon was spend with a variety of the Seventy.  We also heard from L. Tom Perry.  This evening it was dinner with an apostle--we were blessed to have dinner with Elder Russell M. Nielsen and his wife, Wendy.  Again, there were a number of Seventy and an Area Authority presidency member from the European Area Presidency.  Again, it is a who's who when ever we sit down in a meeting or at a meal.  This morning we rode in the shuttle with Joseph B. Wirthlin Jr.  He and his wife are new Mission Presidents for upstate New York. 

 Tomorrow is our last day of President's Seminar.  I guess by then they expect us to be able to run a mission---we are not feeling it yet.  We realize that we probably never will, so we are going to jump in with both feet and start swimming.  I talked with a wife of the Mission President going to Portugal Lisbon, Sister Fluckiger.  We talked today and we both feel that we need the Spirit to be with us as never before.  We need to Spirit to assist us with the mission and the missionaries.  We need the Spirit to be with us to help and support our husbands.  We both feel that we can not afford even a slight slip up that would offend the Spirit--it takes too much time to get the Spirit back, and we can not afford the time that would take away from the missionary work.  We both feel the weight.  We have to be wise so the Spirit is always with us so we can best serve and love the missionaries and the Mission President. I find comfort in realizing that so many of the wives have feelings and concerns like mine.  She will be a dear "best friend".  We will see each other every Area Conference and training. There is a unique sisterhood among the wives.  I am grateful for that unity. 

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