Day One---It Finally Came

All the family came for breakfast at our home on Saturday, June 23, 2012.  It was the last time we would all be together for three years.  We laughed and enjoyed each other as much as we could possibly enjoy.  We went to the deck to get a "last" family group photo.  Then it was time to hug and say goodbye.  
The Lord has a way of preparing hearts.  Mine was heavy, but not broken.  As I hugged the grandchildren goodbye, I wanted to tell them how much I loved them, but tears were too close to the surface.  I think they felt the same way, because all we could do has hug each other without words.  Instead to talking, we hugged harder!  

Then my kids.  Wow!  It's hard to say goodbye to children who are your best friends also.  Again, it was hard to say what I wanted to say without tears and a broken voice.  

To my family.  I love you.  I am so blessed to have you in my life.  Be united and grow in love and concern for one another while we are away.  Thank you for your example.  Thank you for who you are and what you have done for us. We love you all with a love that is deep, abiding and eternal.  I have a better perspective on the importance of what a "forever family" must feel like.  Scott, Suzie, Sally and families--you are my forever family.  Take care to business and take care of each other.  Tot ziens!  Goodbyes are hard. 


After a series of events, we were dropped off at the MTC and started our experience.  The first thing was our name badges.  We really are missionaries! I now own a missionary badge!!!

The afternoon was spent with different missionary departments of the church and getting all the necessary supplies and information that we need to take with us.  Good New!! We have visas!  We won't have to go to Spokane!

We spent our first meeting with members of the Seventy being trained in Member Districts.  

Tonight we officially met with the Elders going to Belgium Netherlands Mission that are currently in the MTC.  We had a meeting for about an hour.  The Spirit was present, we spent about half the time speaking Dutch.  All I can say is--It's a gift of the Spirit, the gift of tongues!  

We are excited!! 

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  1. We love you so much, it was tough to say goodbye and still doesn't seem quite real. How can my parents be gone for 3 years!?!
    It was great to see you again for a second, we love you so much and we are so proud of you. Good Luck!