Farewell to the MTC

Farewell to the MTC.  It has been a most remarkable journey.  Three full weeks  of Language Immersion, and four full day with the First Presidency, eleven of the twelve apostles, and the Quorum of Seventy. Elder Ballard gave one of the most powerful talks on Joseph and Hyrum Smith I have ever heard.  It was just one hour prior to the hour of the 168th anniversary of the martyrdom of the prophet and his brother.  We shook hands with Elder Ballard about 10 minutes after he finished.  There was still a power and light around him at that time.  It was hard not to weep when we thanked him.

  We couldn't have a more prepared and great sendoff.  Ready or not!!!

 President Robinson, Sister Robinson and Bro. Clay Johnson

Clay Johnson was the MTC Tutor we worked with from March until May.  He was the expert in Preach My Gospel and gave us a wonderful foundation in the book and in the eight fundamental training lessons that we will use with all missionaries in the mission.  He is great.  We love and appreciate his commitment to us and our preparation.

President Robinson, Sister Robinson, Sister Wright, President Wright
I would like you to meet President and Sister Wright.  They are on their way to Brazil.  We won't see them for three years--when we return we will look each other up and have a wonderful reunion.  We met during our weeks of Language Immersion.  We had an immediate bond of love and friendship.  It's as if we have been friends our entire lives.  I don't know how something like that happens, but it did and our love and prayers go with the Wrights. We feel so blessed to know them. How lucky are the missionaries in Brazil Porto Alegre North.  

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  1. Sister Robinson, What an experience you are embarking on. My mom just called and told me I needed to peek at your blog post today, and that I'd see someone familiar when I did. As usual, she was right. President and Sister Wright's niece is my best friend and has been for many, many years. Her father was President Wright's twin brother (he too, served as a Mission President, in Russia before he passed away). What a wonderful family they are, a family who have been such great examples in my life. I can see how you would feel an immediate bond of love and friendship with them. Best wishes, Monica Dearden