Magical Keys

These are magical keys.  When my dad was a boy, he enjoyed eavesdropping on conversations his mother would have with friends and company.  However, they always would shoo my dad out of the room.  So he found extra keys to some of the doors in his old home.  The house was an old house with tall ceilings and at least two doors to every room.  My dad would sneak around unlocking doors and closing them again until he could listen in to the adult talk.  No one every discovered what my dad was up too.  When he went to the war, he hid the keys in the bowl of a light fixture in a bedroom.  When he returned three years later, the keys were still in the light fixture.
My dad had given me instructions that if anything every happened to him, I was to go get the important things from a particular draw in his home.  The day after his stroke, I went and got the contents of that drawer.  There were the magic keys.  Greg, my brother, shared the story with us.  Dad had referred to these keys as magical to him as a kid.  The fact that my dad kept these keys with his important things is testimony that they were important to him.
We, as siblings, made the decision to put the keys in dad's hands before we sealed the casket.  We wanted dad to have his magical keys with him. 

So Dad, enjoy eavesdropping!

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