A Farewell to All

On Sunday, June 17, 2012, Father's Day, we had the opportunity to speak in Sacrament Meeting in the Flowell Ward.  It was so wonderful to see friends and family there to support us.  I was so pleased to see my two sisters, my brother joined us for the luncheon afterward.  My mother was there also.  My dad was missing. 

I had invited my father almost six weeks in advance to please come to church on Father's Day to be with us as we spoke before leaving on our mission.  I asked well in advance so he could be ready. Dad was not a 'church going' man, but he had agreed to come.  At first he said that he didn't know where his suit was, but I told him is was OK, he could wear what he always wore--a light blue work shirt and dark blue pants with black shoes.  He said that he would come if he could come dressed in his shirt and pants and black shoes.
Well, on Monday, June 11, 2012, a day after his stroke, I went out to the farm to lock things up.  I found his black shoes sitting on a cinder block drying.  He had polished them on Sunday, the day he had a stroke.  They were still shiny and black.  No dust on them. Some black shoe polish had dripped on the cement where he was polishing his shoes. As I looked at them I realized that he polished his shoes in preparation for Sacrament Meeting the following week. He was planning on coming because he knew it meant a lot to me.  

Dad passed away on Saturday, the day before we spoke in sacrament meeting.  He didn't make it to our meeting wearing his shoes, but he did make it to the meeting.   

Alden's family were all there to support us.  His two sisters, his brother and of course, his mother.  All of our children and grandchildren were there.  Thank you to everyone who wished us well.  We love you all.

Ik weet dat....(I know that...) life is made up of all the moments and memories of people who love us and have blessed our lives.  We felt the spirit as we sit in a room with so many people whom we love and respect and that have been examples to us and blessed our lives in so many ways.  We wish we could have had the opportunity to shake everyone's hand and personally thank each of you.  If we didn't get to shake your hand, please know of our love and thanks for you.  God will be with you until we return. Ik weet dat!

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