Update on Scripture Bag

I just want to share with you how the following bags were used.  
It is really remarkable. 

Abigail McPhail
Daisha Elvin
Sydney Condie
Lorena Enriquez
Hailey Kesler
Alicia S
Lydia Koyle
Daisy Bray
Sariah Swallow
Adela Maxfield

These scripture bags were part of a truly remarkable miracle.

Sister Annemarie Janssen, the newly called Stake Relief Society President for the Antwerpen Stake, was sustained just a week prior to our stake activity.  This is about her and her family. 

Sister Janssen's 8 year old son was planning his baptism, and as he is the only member of the church in his class, he wanted to invite his whole class.  Bro. and Sis. Janssen supported that and helped him invite and plan for his classmates to come to the baptism.  All classmates came but three.  Afterward, the classmates were very interested in knowing more about the church.  Sister Janssen is a member of the parents council for the school, and at her next meeting with parents (many who attended the baptism with their children who are classmates with the son) asked Sis. Janssen about 'this Book of Mormon' and when was she going to tell them about it.  
Well, at the next meeting, Sister. Janssen walked into the meeting with a whole shopping bag of gifts--the scripture bags listed above all with het Boek van Mormon in the bag.  After the meeting she passed out every bag.  They were received warmly.  Sis. Janssen said she felt like Santa!

Here is the email that she sent me to report the event:

Hi Sister Robinson,

here's my report:
Yesterday evening we had a school counsel meeting with a few parents. I entered the meeting with my big shopper full of the scripture bags with a book of Mormon. Some wondered what I brought with me, and I told them it was a present for after the meeting. And after the meeting I showed them the bags and the book of mormon. I told them the origin of the book and that the young women from Utah made these bags for this country so I could give them away. It looked like santa claus. They were really happy and also enjoyed picking out the nicest bag. A father came to me and asked me more about it. Since I joined the parent counsel of the school I thought he could be the twin brother of Elder Hans Boom. The father is called Hans Bruneels. And he is going to read it. I could feel it. He looks like Hans, he is a man of his words. And I know now why I had to give away these books of mormon. Because of him! The scripture bags were the perfect items to open a conversation and to give away 13 books!
Thank you so much for saturday! The sisters gave perfect classes and to decorate our own give away scripture bags was an enjoyable activity. And thank you for the extra bags that I could give away yesterday.
Love Annemarie Janssen - Muurling

Young Women, thank you, truly thank you, for your Scripture Bags.  Little did anyone, except the Lord, realize how far reaching this was going to spread before the scripture bags found a home.  I don't think the ripple effect is over yet.  It is so evident to me that the hand of the Lord has been in this from the beginning.  No one could have planned this, organized it and made sure it had such a happy conclusion thus far.  I marvel and stand in awe at how the Lord's work rolls forth when we truly do our very best, He takes our 'loaves and fished' and we see miracles.  I am humbled. 

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