Our Favorite Thing

Our favorite thing is to work with the Elders and Sisters.  On Friday, December 14, 2012, we worked in Groningen with Elder Davis and Elder Wayman.  It was a cold day, but it was a lot of fun.  

That evening, Elder Wayman supported a ward Christmas Program and we went with Elder Davis on a first contact on a referral from Salt Lake City.  This is a man that had requested a Book of Mormon.  So, off we went to the next adventure.

The family was a man and wife, Wil and Thea from Leek. This family travels to America a lot.  They absolutely love UTAH!  They were so impressed with how friendly, warm and helpful the people are in Utah.  They couldn't believe that everyone is that same way--friendly, warm and helpful--anywhere they go.  They have never experienced that in any other place they have visited.  They went to Temple Square and knew there was something different there also.  They learned about Joseph Smith and heard of the Book of Mormon and filled out a referral card.  
Elder Davis and President taught  the first lesson and they kept asking, "But what make the Book of Mormon different, and your church different from all their others?  We don't want to join your church, we just want to know what the difference is."  It was wonderful to share the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We shared the last two paragraphs of the introduction of the Book of Mormon with them and shared the promise of the book also.  But the most powerful experience was when first President bore his testimony of the Book of Mormon and than I bore my witness.  I was in tears because the Spirit was so strong and Thea was crying also.  When I finished, we just sat there for a moment and then, as I wiped my tears and apologized, I commented it's just "vrouwen" (just women) and we all laughed.  That was a turning point.  After that experience with the Spirit, they committed to read and pray for themselves to know if it is true.  President and I have a real love for this couple.  Don't ask me how that happens with people, but it does and it is real. I look forward to going back to visit with them the next time we are in the Groningen area.

Wil and Thea Kuit with President Robinson

Notice the pictures on the wall--every wall in their home is covered with photos of Bryce Canyon, Zion's, Cedar Breaks, Great Basin National Park, Monument Valley,  and Canyonlands National Park.  
They love hiking in slot canyons.  We have a lot in common.   I ALMOST got homesick as I looked at all the photos.  Some were so close to Lake Powell!!  But the Red Sandstone cliffs and buttes and that deep blue Utah sky---wow, I miss that sky.  You NEVER see a blue sky like that here in the Netherlands.  

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