The Blessings Never Stop

On December 9, 2012, President Robinson had a most unique and spiritual experience.  He was invited to stand in the circle of a baby blessing.
Here is the beautiful family.

Sister Robinson, Sister Dezaire, President Robinson, Phillip, Christina Marie and baby Phillip.

Sister Dezaire and her husband, Joseph, were tract out, taught and baptized my Elder Robinson in 1970.  Christina Marie is their daughter.  Baby Phillip is the first child of Phillip and Christina Marie.  They live in the Den Haag Ward.

It is always a joyful day when we cross paths with Sister Dezaire.  And I always get tears when they greet each other with a hug.  The first thing she always tells President is "Ik hou van uw." 
And President always replies, "Ik hou van uw, ook."  
(I love you. I love you, also)

 Here is Sister Dezaire holding her grandson, talking with Phillip and President Klijweg, the Den Haag Temple President.  President Klijweg's daughter is married to Sister Dezaire's son, David.

 Lunch afterward in the Cultural Hall.

 They asked the missionaries to stay for the lunch.
Elder Praag, Elder Li, Elder Taylor

This is Sister Dezaire's son, David and his wife, their two boys, and President and I.

The blessing that topped it all off for us was when Christina Marie told President  he now had a new grandson in the Netherlands.  Isn't the Gospel of Jesus Christ a beautiful thing.  I am positive that the Elder Robinson in 1970 had no idea the blessings of that one family baptism would still be unfolding 43 years later. 

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