Memories from 42 Years

On December 14, 2012 we were in Groningen working with the Elders.  We were driving to a 'look up' from the area book when President said, "I know this place.  I lived around here in 1970.  On Rubinhaupt Straat.  And there it is!"  We drove on by to do our look up but after the 'look up', we circled around and went and found his old apartment where he lived in 1970.

 The street was actually Rabenhaupt Straat

Number 2

As we walked up to the door, President recognized it immediately. As we stood there he also said, "There is that smell! I smelled that all winter when I lived here and it is still here.  Can you smell that?  All the time I lived here, I thought is was a coffee house."  It wasn't a bad smell, but very distinctive.  We couldn't figure out the smell, but it was some kind of food smell.  That is remarkable that just walking up the street caused so many wonderful memories to flood back for President.  He loved working in Groningen.  It was in Groningen that he found and taught the Deziare Family, Joseph and Else.  They were baptized and later moved to Zoetermeer.  Joseph and Else's daughter is the mother of the baby that President participated in the baby blessing in Den Haag on December 9, 2012.

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