Teaching the Gospel

December 27, 2012:  Went on a wonderful joint teach today with the Zone Leaders from Den Haag, Elder Li and Elder Maughn. It was a young women here in Lieschendam.  
She and her husband are from China and are living 
here for her husbands work.
She was referred by a friend in Den Haag who is a member. She and her husband attended church on 
Sunday and like what they felt. The lesson today was on the Restoration.  She had read the pamphlet on the Restoration and had an interesting question before we began--
"Why are there so many churches and how can you tell which one is true?"

The Elders did an excellent job teaching the lesson.  President and I had the opportunity to participate and bear testimony.  When we were done, Elder Li told her that even though she had never prayed, he wanted her to pray.  Elder Li spent  a few minutes explaining the steps in pray and Elder Maughn taught her that she could thank God for her blessings and ask him any question she wanted an answers to and God would answer it.  He would even answer her question if she should be baptized.  

It was remarkable.  As we knelt in that apartment, and listened to her pray for the first time in her life, the spirit filled the room.  It was such a simple, sincere pray of faith from someone who is truly seeking for the truth.  Missionary work is the work of miracles and faith.  God truly is preparing people to hear and He is putting these people in our path.  Not just here in Den Haag, but all over the mission.  For you that are continually praying for the mission, thank you and please continue. We are seeing miracles as never before since we arrived.  The missionaries are noticing it also.  They are so motivated and their 
faith is increasing.

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