Fun with Friends

We have made fast friends with the Kuin Family.  They are wonderful people with the greatest girls.  I love visiting with them.  The girls speak very little English and I speak very little Dutch, so we are all put in a situation where we all have to practice English and Dutch.  It feels so good and comfortable to be around kids.  I have lived over 2/3's of my life as a mother, teacher and grandmother.  I am much more comfortable around kids.  

For Christmas we had a SORRY game sent from America so we could give it to the Kuin Family.  Well, tonight, December 28, 2012 we finally got together with the Kuin Family to play SORRY and we had a blast.  Any yes, kids pout when they get 'sorry-ed' here just like at home.  And kids here get excited when they get to 'sorry' their sister!  We laughed for 2 1/2 hours!

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  1. Looks like a fun night. Dad looks more cheerful than he did when we would make him play with us ;) I'm so glad the game got there, I was worried for a bit.