Happy New Year

Today, December 31, 2012, we celebrate our first New Year's in the mission.  All the Elders and Sisters have been confined to their apartments from 4:00 pm until tomorrow.  
The celebration in the Netherlands is wild--as in fireworks--wild.  Right now in my neighborhood there are fireworks, like the Black Cats on the 4th of July, going off everywhere.  There are the occasional 'cherry bombs' that we use to have as kids. It sounds like everyone out there went to Wyoming for their fireworks this year! :)

I can only imagine what is going on in the big cities of Amsterdam, Den Haag, and Rotterdam.  Just rest assured that all missionaries are now in their apartments safe and sound for the night.  

Here is a picture of the 'fun' kids are having tonight. Just think of it as an over done and out of control 4th of July!

Right now they are riding around, lighting 'Black Cats' and throwing them in driveways, front yards, and the street.  Have no idea what will happen when it gets dark tonight--other than they say it sounds like WWIII.  It will either be ear plugs or Tylenol PM!  ;) 

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