A 'Most Treasured' Gift

With all the 'stuff' they have sent from the MTC, we received Dutch Hymn books (Lofzangen) which are interesting to try to read the titles of songs and figure out the English counterpart.  If you know me at all, I'm sure you are not surprised that I asked about a Children's Song Book which the Primary uses and found out there is one in Dutch.  I made comment to my Dutch tutor from the MTC, Amber DeGroot, that I wanted to get one when we came to the MTC in April.  It will be one book that goes on our mission with us.  Well, to my great surprise Zuster DeGroot came to visit me in the hospital and the first thing I told her was "Ik ben blij!".  She stayed for a short time and had to leave, but when she returned later that afternoon she brought me a personal copy of Kinder Liedjes as a get-well gift.  I was touched.  I had a hard time keeping the tears in check.  What a lovely and treasured gift from the wonderful sister who is 'mij te helpen Nederlands te leren'.  Bedankje Amber.  Ik hou van jou. 


  1. Brenda,

    I just heard about your mission call! It seems like just yesterday I was sitting in your 4th grade classroom. I'm so excited for the both of you. I found your blog from Sally's Facebook page. My good friend Nicole married an amazing guy from the Netherlands. He was just baptized in December and just returned from visiting his family. I told them about your call, and they said they have plenty of referrals for you! Best of luck. I'll be following your blog. -Kacie Kofoed

    1. So good to hear from you! What a small world. If you could, send the referrals along and we will be delighted to follow through with invitations to be taught. I think of that 4th grade class from time to time. We had fun. Hope your life is wonderful--you deserve it. You were a great kid, and I am sure you are an outstanding woman with many talents to contribute to building of the kingdom. May the Lord's choicest blessing come to you and your family. All my love, Brenda

  2. Thats cute :) So, I was going to recommend that you start journaling in Dutch. Your own private journal. It will help you practice the written part and its kind of a fun thing to have it be in another language. It truly makes it private. (Then one day when your long gone Im gonna have to find someone to translate it for me :) ) There were parts of my letters that I wrote in Spanish because those parts were only for me. Just a suggestion. And good practice for Dad to give your blessing in Dutch. Thats so sweet. Makes it almost that much more incredible.