Small Miracles

Well, after a visit with Dr. Grose on Friday, March 30, it appears that everything seems on track for a full recovery.  We did another blood test and a little adjusting with some medication.  I'm good to go, at a moderate pace however.  Now just to build the blood and energy level back to my 'old' self which of course will be my 'new' self.

My first day trip out and about was on Saturday, March 31, 2012.   All newly called Mission Presidents are given tickets for the General Conference prior to their departure.  So, with tickets in hand, we attended Saturday afternoon's session of conference.  It was so good to be out and about again.  We attended the session where the MTC Missionary Choir was singing.  We saw Elder Robison (aka Nate Robison).  We doubt he saw us in that vast audience.  As I listened to them sing for the session, it took my breath away to realize this is the kind of dynamic Elders and Sisters that we will have the opportunity to serve with in the Netherlands.  Perhaps one or two of them were headed to Belgium/Netherlands Mission. It was a two-sided feeling.  I felt an overwhelming gratitude for such an opportunity to live and serve with the choicest of the choice, and an overwhelming sense of my weaknesses, imperfections and inabilities to be called to fulfill that responsibility to live and serve with the choicest of the choice.  I pray every night for the Spirit to bless us with the capacity to climb the mountain and 'build a ship of curious workmanship'.

We had the delightful experience of meeting the newly called Mission President for the Provo Utah Mission,  John A. and Debbra K. McCune from Caldwell, Idaho.  We enjoyed and laughed as we got to know one another and shared "stories" about our calls and agreed to look each other up in June at the MTC.  Later Alden and I talked about the experience and agreed we are in for some wonderful experiences with some wonderful and faithful members to the church.  We feel so far out of our league, but dank onze Hemelse Vader dagelijks voor onze zending.

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  1. You know I Have to use Google Translate to see what that last sentence was right? :) Thats incredible about the old lady at the mtc. What a gift.