We've been called!

On February 10, 2012, Alden and I met with President Eyring at the Church Administration office.  What a wonderful experience to spend almost an hour with a prophet of God! Because the Missionary Department contacted our Stake President, President Monroe, and asked him to contact us regarding a mission possibility, we began this roller coaster ride on January 18, 2012.  So after our visit on February 3, 2012, with Elder M. Russell Ballard, we were aware that this might be a mission president call.  Still, it was hard to believe the words spoken when President Eyring called Alden to preside over the Belgium/Netherlands Mission and called me as a full time missionary to serve as his companion. We joyfully accepted. Tears flowed freely among the three of us as we sit silently for a moment and felt the confirmation of the Spirit and allowed the reality to sink into our hearts.  President Eyring pointed out that rarely do Mission President calls come with an assignment at the same time as our did.  He wanted us to know that while in the temple, President Monson had approved our call and at the same time approved our assignment--Belgium/Netherlands Mission.  Our first reaction was 'it's a dream come true'--this is a miracle.  In all of our 'desires of the heart', this is one desire that the Lord did hear--to serve our mission in Holland for 18 months.  But to go as Mission President and companion and serve for three years, wow! It just takes our breath away.  We still wake up at night and have to get our thoughts around it againWe are indeed blessed and acknowledge His hand in our lives and this callWe are overjoyed, excited, and extremely humbled by this call from God. We have been buoyed up and sustained by all the happiness, support  and well wishes from our family, our friends, professional colleagues, and our ward and stake family. Thanks to everyone. Now comes the 'mountain to climb'. Life for us has changed forever, it has taken an eternal course correction.


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