Studeren en leren (To Study and To Learn)

Homework!  This is what it looks like twice a week as I Skype with the MTC for Dutch tutoring.  Amber is a wonderful lerares (teacher).  She recently returned from serving a mission in the Netherlands.  She is kind and supportive of me as a beginning beginner.  Working on prayer right now.  For the next 3 1/2 years my prayers will be in Dutch.  I surprised Alden the other morning when he asked me to say our family prayer before I left for work.  It was pretty simple and I could only use simple sentences, but I gave it a try.  We were both in tears before I finished.   I blessed the food on Sunday for our family dinner and the real stretch for me was to pray in Dutch at our Stake Primary training with Holden Ward Primary  on Sunday.  Thank you sisters for allowing me that opportunity.   All I can say is it's the gift of the Spirit.


  1. You did so great On Sunday! Your learning it all so well, keep up the good work :)

  2. Thank you for the great example you and Dad are to our family! We are behind you 100%. I have seen a huge change in both of you in the last month.

  3. I love it. :) Sooner then you think you'll look back and those simple sentences wont even need 1/2 a thought to come out, its like second nature and then all of a sudden you'll think and dream in Dutch. Thats an amazing phenomenon.