Opps! Time Out!

Always the Lord has a different time table then our own.  My health is no exception because I had just been given a clean bill of health on all my medical tests required for the mission.  Then, on March 22, 2012 after a day of Parent Teacher Conferences at the elementary school (which, by the way, I really enjoyed visiting with each and every parent and student that day), I suddenly felt like I was going to faint and was very nauseous.  I excused myself from the last Parent Teacher conference with Heather Robison.  I didn't get far, just outside my door and collapsed into the chairs set up for conference.  I waited for the ill feelings to pass and the next thing I knew, I had pass out and was on the floor of the hall. Still feeling very ill, I went back inside the room and asked Mrs. Robison to get Ms. Harrison.  Well, thanks to those at school who would not let me go home, but took me right to the emergency room at Fillmore Medical Clinic. (It was probably the fact I was throwing up blood!)  Come to find out, I was going into shock because of loss of blood--I had internal bleeding.  After stabilizing my condition, I had my first ride in an ambulance all the way to Utah Valley Medical Center in Provo where I began my three day stay in ICU at UV Medical Center where they determined I have multiple ulcers that had been bleeding for a while.  Thanks to the family and friends that stopped to visit because it helped the days pass a little faster as I slowly recovered.  On Sunday, March 25, I was able to return home to finish the recuperation.  I am now at home  'minding my business' and healing. I am doing great!  The speedy healing has everything to do with the Lord.  Thanks Alden and Scott for the priesthood blessing on the 22nd.  Alden, thank you for giving the blessing in Dutch.  I understood most of it and was deeply touched. Thanks everyone for the flowers, balloons, visits, cards, calls, and meals brought to us.  I am especially touched by the cards that were made and delivered from my wonderful first graders at school.  I love each of you to pieces.  I am so impressed with you guys all the time.  Alden and I both feel extremely dunkbaar (grateful) for our zegeningen (blessings).  Because of the timing and the circumstances surrounding this unexpected event, I count it as a very 'tender mercy'.  The Lord knew this was going to happen when we were called as zendingspresident en collega (mission president and companion), and He still called us anyway.  We are in the Lord's hands and are moving along on His timetable.  Now, back to our zending (mission).


  1. Brenda I am so glad you are feeling better. You gave us all a scare. Your blog brings tears to my eyes. I am so happy for the experiences you are having. You so rightly deserve them. You are a true friend and continually inspire me!!

  2. We are all glad you are getting better! And it looks like you are picking up your new language very well :)