Working with Elders

We find our greatest "fun" is going out and working with Elders.  We have the opportunity to look up past investigators, call on current investigators, visit less active members, and do the real missionary work of knocking on doors and street contacting.

Elder Taylor, Elder Maughan, Elder Van Komen

We went with Elder Taylor and Elder Van Komen for an afternoon and evening. We went into Den Haag (The Hague) to do street contacting.  We went to the park area in fronts of the Embassies and started finding people.  In an afternoon, President and I placed a Book of Mormon with a young man (18 years old).  This young man just stood out.  He was clean and neatly dressed, not smoking, no tattoos; just bright eyed.  He had never read the bible, or was not religiously oriented, but was interested in reading the Book of Mormon. We asked Elder Taylor and Elder Van Komen to follow through.  Update:  This young man is a student and in the middle of testing for the next two weeks, but is very serious and committed in reading the Book of Mormon and has asked the missionaries to call back in two weeks.

That same day we contacted a family with a cute little boy.  The boy was about 18 months to 2 years old.  We got name and phone number--which doesn't mean alot in missionary work.  However, the Elders called back and the father said that after vacation to call the make an appointment.  So....we will see.

That evening we had dinner with the Elder Quorum's President for the Den Haag Ward and his wife.  His wife is from Arizona, so for one dinner appointment, we spoke English.  I kind of enjoy that once in a while.  I get the whole conversation. 

That was fun. Thanks Elders.

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