P-Day in Den Helder

Another interest of President's is the Redding Boats of the Netherlands.  Redding Boats are the boat that use to be rowed out into the North Sea to rescue crew and passengers on ships that had run aground, or were capsizing, or in other dangerous situations.  It has been especially acute due to the fact that President Monson has called for the "Rescue" by our missionaries and members.  President Monson has even found a picture that depicts what he so urgently feels. It is a picture of an old redding boat, the kind that had oars in it,  rowing out in a stormy sea toward a founder ship while a mother and children huddled on the shore watching and waiting for word of the safety of their loved ones.

So, President wanted to go to the Redding Boat Museum in Den Helder.

 Aboard a older Redding Boat  (forerunner for what we call the Coast Guard)
 The Elders found the interactive displays.  We call this picture 
"Off to the Rescue"
Elder van de Graaff, Elder Ellis, Elder Hansen, Elder van Overbeek

 Light hearted moment on the boat tour.
Sister Robinson, President Robinson, Elder Ellis, Elder Hansen, Elder van Overbeek 

Notice the bridge in the background.

 Here's the bridge.  Didn't leave much head room.

 Under we go!

 Our boat captain and co captain--ages 17 and 16 respectfully.  The other three are on the tour with us.

 Back on shore we found the final photo op.
Elder van de Graaff, Elder Ellis, Elder Hansen, Elder van Overbeek

Thanks Elders for a great day.  I really love hanging out with the Missionaries.

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