Pause and Celebrate

On Sunday, September 16, 2012, we celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary Al, it's been a great 40 years.  Like I have said many times before---given the choice, I would marry you all over again. 
I found the best in you!

Married in Manti Temple, September 16, 1972

We did take the time to celebrate.  We took a road trip to Eindhoven and Kortrijk to work with the Elders.  We stayed over and had a nice dinner in Kortrijk on Thursday night.  

On Sunday, we celebrate by speaking in church in Amerfoort and at the
 Jo-Vo Sacrament meeting in Gouda.


  1. Happy Anniversary! I've been telling you for years that you need to do something big for your 40th. I was thinking more along the lines of taking your family on a cruise or something, but I guess a mission in Holland is big enough :)

  2. Happy Day Ma! To be honest, I completely forgot. I should have remembered and Im sorry. I even talked to you. Geez.