New Friends Along the Way

Sunday, September 16, 2012, President and I had the opportunity to speak in Sacrament Meeting in the Amersfoort Ward.  President served here in 1969 as a young Elder.  Today, when he mentioned the name of the Bishop serving in 1969, many people nodded their heads--they too remember Bishop Vansoeren, who has since passed away.  That immediately endeared President to the ward.

 President Robinson and Bishop Luteijn

 Church in Amersfoort

   Bishop Luteijn, Sister Robinson, 
            President Robinson 

Afterward, we were invited to have dinner with Bishop and Sister Luteijn.  It was a wonderful two hours as we became fast friend with two very remarkable people.  Bishop Luteijn is doing a wonderful job in the ward.  We are looking forward to working closely with him as we assist him with his mission plan.  He has two excellent missionaries--Elder J. Christensen and Elder Schow     

Bishop Luteijn, Sister Luteijn, President Robinson

I feel one of the choicest blessings of 
   serving a mission is the amazing members of the church that we have the opportunity to meet and work with and become fast friend with for eternity.              

As soon as dinner was over, we headed to Gouda where we spoke in the YSA Sacrament Meeting. Personally, it was a day that really stretched me and my ability with the Dutch language.  I gave two 10-15 minute talks in Dutch in two different Sacrament Meetings.  I did not give the same talk twice.  The talk I gave in Gouda took me 7 hours to write and then translate into Dutch and then a couple of hours after that to practice it.  I know there were rough edges, I know not everything was conjugated correctly and that not all words were the right word to use, but the Spirit testified to those with open hearts to hear the message I desired to share. I reminded me of Richard G. Scott's April 2012 Conference talk.  "I have seen individuals encountering challenges who knew what to do when it was beyond their own experience because they trusted in the Lord and knew that He would guide them to solutions that were urgently required."  Well, that was me and yes, the Lord did guide me and support me with solutions that I urgently needed on Sunday.  I know I do not walk alone on this mission.  I have sure knowledge he called me to do what I am doing, and I have great faith he will take my meager offerings and turn them into an abundance of exactly what he needs in this mission.  I feel so blessed to be on his errand.  I feel so blessed to be on his errand with all the people (missionaries, church members, Branch, Ward and Stake leaders, Area Authorities and so many others) that are here to help and support so we can be successful.  

Wij hadden en gewildig Zondag.  Perfect way to celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary.

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