P-Day in Waterloo

On June 3, 2013 we took a P-Day Field Trip with the Antwerpen Zone down to Waterloo.  Yes, this is the Waterloo made famous by Napoleon.  It still is such a  strange thing to know we live so close to things that I only read about in history books or hear about on the History Channel. 

So, prior to heading down to Waterloo, which is just south of Brussels, we went on a walking tour of Brussels with the missionaries.  Really, I can't tell you what the names of all the building are, but they are beautiful.  Brussels has some of the most authentic and beautiful architecture in Europe.  So here are some churches, city buildings and parks.

 President and Sister Robinson and one of dozens of churches in Brussels

 All the missionaries that we spend the day with today.  Elder Ombach, on the far left, the tall one, organized the field trip.  This is the second great trip he has planned for us.  
They are standing across the street from us and in front of the park entrance.

 Someone ran over, got the camera and ran back to take our pictures right across the street from them.  This is a city government building.

 Now they zoom in, when I'm picking up my huge bag I always pack with me.  The bag is my portable office.  I have everything I need in case a Missionary calls me for information or medical needs!  Wall-ah!  I can help them out even if I'm on a field trip.

 Elder Li and President
Elder Li is one of our APs.  Love that missionary!

 All I wanted was for them to turn around and smile.  I just don't know how to get a 'regular' picture.  Sorry!

Here are pictures of just building--maybe a few missionaries here and there!

Now here was something that caught my eye.  School!  This is a classroom.  I had to really zoom in to get these pictures.  We stood and watched these students for a while.  When the student in the red shirt or jacket looked out the window at us.  I waved and the missionaries joined me in waving.  Soon the student waved back (after looking to make sure the teacher wasn't looking).

 There are the most unique ally ways.  Here is one we took on our walking tour.

 Half way down the alley I saw these old steps with the open gate.  It was the only 'open' anything in the alley, so I stopped.  When I looked in, this is what I saw.  It is someone's front door.  There would be no driving up to this door and no where to park your car.  The person living here probably doesn''t have a car, maybe a bike.  They can walk to anything they need, including public transportation that could take them over the whole city of Brussels.
This is European!!

 Now for the REAL DEAL.  You have heard of Belgium Waffles.  Well, here they are.  No, that is not butter or syrup.  It is different kinds of Belgium Chocolate, dark, white, milk, and then those with whip cream and fruit.  Some even have more chocolate on top of the whip cream!!!
Yes, we bought one.  We got the one with Strawberries, whip cream and chocolate.   And yes, it was to die for.  Yes, I know how to make it and I will when I get home.  

 President didn't want whip cream, but I know his was just as delicious as mine.  When in Belgium eat like the Belgians!

Finally, we got to Waterloo.  Here it is.  The battle field where five different countries came together to stop Napoleon.  Yes, he met his Waterloo.

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